NZRU, ORFU blasphemies etc

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### ODT Online Tue, 15 Oct 2013
ORFU report to stay confidential
By Hamish McNeilly
A confidential report following the financial collapse of the Otago Rugby Football Union is likely to remain confidential.
The Dunedin City Council agreed to write off a debt of more than $400,000 and Dunedin Venues Management Ltd a debt of $80,000 to help the union avoid liquidation in March last year.
The New Zealand Rugby Union, which lent the cash-strapped union $500,000, commissioned a report by Cascade Consulting to look at the union’s involvement with pokie grants.
The report was later supplied to the Department of Internal Affairs, which declined to release the documents on the grounds it ”would be likely to prejudice the supply of similar information”.

”The department does not consider the withholding of the report on ORFU provided by NZRU would diminish public confidence in the department as a responsible regulator of the gambling sector and does not consider that these reasons for withholding the information are outweighed by other considerations which render it desirable, in the public interest, to make the information available.” –DIA

The Otago Daily Times lodged a complaint with the office of the Ombudsman on July 25, 2012, asking for the release of the information.
Chief Ombudsman Dame Beverley Wakem, in a provisional opinion released this week, said the department was entitled to withhold the information.
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5 responses to “NZRU, ORFU blasphemies etc

  1. Not to mention the corrupt practices and serious fraud allegations swirling around ORFU, and the NZRU’s blatant cover-up of organised crime perpetuated by New Zealand’s senior rugby officials !!!

    The New Zealand Rugby Union (NZRU) is stepping up an “integrity unit” to ensure it can manage serious threats to the reputation of the game, including corruption, misuse of supplements and gambling by players. The unit will also look into new claims that top New Zealand rugby players may be caught up in the prescription-drug scandal that has already swept rugby league.

  2. Too late for the CORRUPT/FRAUDULENT Highlanders and ORFU… dodgy as, in governance, fundraising (!!!) and procurement of facilities and services via DCC and Co.

    ### Wednesday April 2 2014 15:41
    Rugby: Support for NZRU’s anti-corruption campaign
    By: Nick Walker | Rugby News
    New Zealand Rugby is gathering 2,000 signatures as part of an anti-corruption campaign aimed at keeping the game clean. A drive is underway aimed at raising awareness of new regulations around anti-corruption and betting, in order to protect the integrity of the game. NZRU general manager of professional rugby Neil Sorensen says they’ve seen the damage corruption can do internationally, and don’t want to see it here. A series of seminars begun with the Highlanders yesterday, with players, coaches and managers required to sign a pledge to abide by the new regulations. The anti-corruption initiative is part of a broader integrity programme which also aims to enhance education and monitoring around the use of supplements, prescription medicines, alcohol and drugs.
    RS Link

  3. Peter

    OK, NZRFU, get your bros down here to pay for the Black Tie dinner. Then we’ll see if this anti corruption campaign has any legs. Good for starters, eh?

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