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Greater Dunedin caucus arrives

Greater Dunedin caucus arrivesOutside the Civic Centre, George Street [photo supplied]



### ODT Online Wed, 2 Oct 2013
Grouping claim dismissed as lie
By Debbie Porteous
Accusations of lies are being thrown around on the issue of councillor groupings in the Dunedin local body elections.
A former council staff member says he saw members of Dunedin’s only ticket, Greater Dunedin, meet behind closed doors before council and committee meetings. But Greater Dunedin says that is not true because the group agreed not to caucus.
Mayoral candidate Pete George also says other councillors told him the group appears to meet and caucus, a suggestion Greater Dunedin member Mayor Dave Cull said during a recent television debate ”must be a lie”. Mr George is now blogging it is Mr Cull who ”seems to be deliberately misleading the public”, by not admitting the group meets or is, in fact, a party.
Mr Cull said the possibility of such accusations (caucusing and block voting) was behind members specifically agreeing never to meet.
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