Greater Dunedin caucus arrives

Greater Dunedin caucus arrivesOutside the Civic Centre, George Street [photo supplied]



### ODT Online Wed, 2 Oct 2013
Grouping claim dismissed as lie
By Debbie Porteous
Accusations of lies are being thrown around on the issue of councillor groupings in the Dunedin local body elections.
A former council staff member says he saw members of Dunedin’s only ticket, Greater Dunedin, meet behind closed doors before council and committee meetings. But Greater Dunedin says that is not true because the group agreed not to caucus.
Mayoral candidate Pete George also says other councillors told him the group appears to meet and caucus, a suggestion Greater Dunedin member Mayor Dave Cull said during a recent television debate ”must be a lie”. Mr George is now blogging it is Mr Cull who ”seems to be deliberately misleading the public”, by not admitting the group meets or is, in fact, a party.
Mr Cull said the possibility of such accusations (caucusing and block voting) was behind members specifically agreeing never to meet.
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20 responses to “Greater Dunedin caucus arrives

  1. Cull is trying to pull the wool over voters eyes. He is not being open and transparent (despite that supposedly being Greater Dunedin’s #1 priority). In fact he appears to be downright dishonest, and worse, he is saying that others are lying for pointing out what looks obvious.

    If it baas like a party then it’s a party, in most people’s eyes.

    Quibbling over whether Greater Dunedin is a party as it appears to be or not may seem trivial, except for the fact that Dave Cull is accusing others of dishonesty while he is the one not being straight with voters.

    It’s ironic that this is one of the few things Cull has taken a clear position on. Duplicitous and dishonest is not a good look.

  2. Peter

    I’m really starting to feel disaffected by the whole process. Not one candidate seems capable of getting off their hobby horses and giving any indication that they are willing to look objectively at the issues. They are sticking to their scripts, no matter what. The Mayoral ‘Debates’ etc are a joke. The positions are set despite any evidence/arguments to the contrary that might indicate a rethink is necessary. We see this over a wide range of issues. Debt, cycleways, off shore drilling for oil/gas.
    No wonder people turn off. I’m even getting sick of it, not alone those voters out there that barely ever follow what’s going on at the local body level.

    • John P.Evans, council nominee

      Peter, when a man is drowning, sending him a new Shirt is not the answer.

      Firstly one must get him out of the water,
      Secondly one must ensure he is breathing.

      Dunedin is drowning in debt, any other message is not only foolhardy but disastrous.

      For Shirt read cycle lane.

  3. ODT gives GD denials a bit of an airing:

    “Mr Cull said the possibility of such accusations (caucusing and block voting) was behind members specifically agreeing never to meet.”

    That’s just bizarre. They really agree not to meet just so they can keep up a non-party facade? Nonsensical.

    It’s hard to believe they are that naive about politics that they think they’re not a political party. They’ve listed themselves (correctly) as a political organisation on their Facebook page.

    Perhaps they need top start attending meetings of Parties Anonymous.

  4. Semper Fidelis

    Today’s ODT (2/10/2013) Cull (inter alia) say he will select chairmen; based on skills experience and ‘integrity’. Well strike me blue! Is Dave Cull seriously talking about ‘integrity’ being a critical requirement? Surely not – is this not the same Dave Cull who enjoyed the delivery of free water to his property from an illegal connection from another property? Was it something like 18 years that this dodgy practice endured while other ‘victim electors’ faithfully paid for their water? So why would such practice constitute anything associated with integrity? If Cull believes that he values people of integrity, and a definition of integrity (the presumption being that Cull himself would have integrity) could be aligned with the practice of using an illegal water connection, then maybe we can all (with conscience clear) stop paying for our ‘Council provided’ water supply. Thanks Dave – that makes me feel much better. I was always a bit nervous about stealing things, but now that you’ve explained that there is a legitimate correlation between theft and behaving with integrity, I now have the confidence to embark on a much more rewarding ‘double life’ Yuooooo hooooo!! Vote Greater Dunedin – the Wankers Choice.

    • Semper, water supply is one thing. There are so many Other sins committed by Dave Cull and his political party Greater Dunedin together with Stadium Councillors… in terms of obfuscation and underhand imprudent management of the financial affairs of this council, that make him and ‘his friends’ utterly inappropriate for election/re-election as community representatives and civic leaders.

      There’s Cull’s expensive pandering to professional rugby (including the defamation suit taken against him, the DVML mess, ORFU, Highlanders, sale of Carisbrook, attraction funds, and related); and the delay in sorting – in clear public view, well prior to the local body elections – Delta’s wrongful use of ratepayer funds for (private) property speculation with the attending multimillion-dollar write down of the ‘asset’, brought about by real and perceived conflicts of interests of board directors; then the legal and planning fiasco around SH88 (far from resolved and likely unaffordable) – with much more that has or is yet to surface.

      Despite his claims, Cull has never been about Transparency, Accountability, or Prudent and Conservative Management of Ratepayer Funds.

      Cull has gone for the political mileage of supporting pet projects generated by inexperienced and or unaccountable council general managers and lesser planning staff (here it gets messy/illegible as to what chief executive Paul Orders allowed and did not allow), the inexperienced and politically naive GD caucus, and minority stakeholders on the outside.

      Cull is a Full Liability.

  5. “He knew the Chamber of Commerce was on the other side of the street but Dave was conflicted by the No Right Turn sign”.

  6. Link supplied.

    emre baş – published 24 Aug 2013

  7. peter

    I feel unease about this free water. The whole lot should have been paid off. Saying that you hear of rumours of sharp business dealings by others. Who do you believe?

  8. olivier lequeux

    The ute is on a 5 minute parking; Hopefully an indication Crater Dunedin (more debt, more rates hikes) is here only temporarily; Vote them out I say!
    Thomson and the 16 M Swann’s fiasco. 20 years of Staynes at Fisher & Paykel… When is enough, enough ? Actually, is the ute even registered or warranted for that matter? (remember, it is all a creation of Tony @ Cre8tive) : a marketing ploy not fit for our standards.

    • Cre8ive is mainly a bunch of women working out of a property on Royal Tce – that location is an indication. The next indication is none of them are professional or brave enough to include their surnames at their website. What are they scared of, their middle class lives being exposed as just that? Spit.

      Creative Advertising Ltd

      • peter

        Does quaffing of fine wines go with that scene too, Elizabeth?

      • Hype O'Thermia

        I thought it was a rather jolly home-made effort because the sheep aren’t baa-ing, you can see clearly they’re not, but for someone having fun in their bedroom with their clothes on that’s OK, they’d found a video of a paddock of sheep and that’s near-enough. Professional, not so much.

    • Anonymous

      If you want to play 6 degrees of Michael Swann, that’s easy,

      cre8ive -> Roslyn Storage -> Trevor Scott -> Chris Swann -> Michael Swann
      or you can have
      cre8ive -> Roslyn Storage -> Trevor Scott -> Stuart McLauchlan -> Christine Keenan -> Chris Swann -> Michael Swann

      Oh look at that, two of the biggest convicted South Island fraudsters in one link.

  9. Anonymous

    Philippa@cre8ive = Philippa Crick =

  10. Anonymous

    Well that gives me the heebie jeebies. I’ve often wondered if they’re just a bunch of sheep nudging up to the old rams in this town. Now I really worry about who’s put their mark down their backs.

  11. peter

    The GD election billboards remind me of those real estate salespeople ones. I think they work the same way. Each has their own views, but adhere to the brand. Say, like Harcourts. Deviate and you are down the road.

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