No kidding! It’s not all concrete tilt-slab in the global world, wake up Brownlee…

### Last updated 11:53 04/01/2012
Buildings to ‘sit lightly’ under rebuild proposal
An area of central Christchurch is pushing to open up opportunities for the building of lightweight structures, as a less expensive and more “sensible” way to rebuild parts of the quake-ravaged city. Peterborough Village, a residential and commercial community inside the Christchurch central business district, is organising an international workshop to look into the issue in mid-February. Spokesperson Di Lucas said there were concerns the cost of stronger and deeper foundations required under post-quake bylaws could be unaffordable for some. She understood there were options for lightweight, cheaper but robust structures to sit lightly on the soft land as alternatives to the standard heavy structures being proposed on deep vertical piles.

Village chairperson Mark McEntyre said a public presentation was proposed following the workshop to demonstrate desired options. A summary of the workshop would also be published at

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2 responses to “No kidding! It’s not all concrete tilt-slab in the global world, wake up Brownlee…

  1. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Thu, 5 Jan 2012
    Editorial: The rising costs of insurance
    Further earthquakes in Christchurch this week, following the pre-Christmas shakes, will not have given residents confidence their new year will be much improved on the previous 16 months. As the damage continues to homes and businesses in our Southern neighbour, the costs also increase for owners and their insurers. An estimate last week indicated that Christchurch’s February 2011 earthquake could cost $1.3 billion more than initially estimated. And as the costs incurred rise inexorably so, too, will the cost of insurance. More than $US108 billion ($NZ139 billion) of global losses last year have stretched the resources of insurance companies worldwide.
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  2. Interesting thing with those costs. Talking with several people from up that way I’m hearing lots of stories of money being thrown out the window.

    But government departments and their cohorts never get it wrong it seems, well that’s what I’m hearing from horses…..

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