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CST headhunting

### ODT Online Fri, 19 Jun 2009
Finding CEO could take 6 months
By Hamish McNeilly

It may take up to six months to fill the Carisbrook Stadium Trust chief executive position, but the delay was in large part to do with finding the right person for the job, chairman Malcolm Farry said.
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Carisbrook purchase by borrowing


### ODT Online Fri, 19 Jun 2009
Carisbrook difficult to value
By David Loughrey
It emerged this week [Carisbrook] will be sold to the Dunedin City Council in the next few weeks for $7 million, and while he was unwilling to confirm the figure, council finance and corporate support general manager Athol Stephens said yesterday the money would have to be borrowed.
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### ODT Online Fri, 19/06/2009 – 1:48pm.
Comment by russandbev on Life membership for Harland and Chin
Let’s just track what is going on here. The ORFU owe the City $2m and this is overdue for repayment. The ORFU also owe the BNZ something like $4m but it could be a little more. The ORFU run at a yearly loss. The DCC borrows $7m to give to the ORFU for a property that will not be used for its current purpose. The ORFU then give $2m of the borrowed money back to the DCC and $4m to the bank…
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