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Carisbrook crowd behaviour

“Hundreds” of bottles thrown at the French team… Look forward to more unsafe behaviour and drunken hooliganism at the new stadium, but make it plastic… Check out the photo with this item.

### ODT Online Tue, 16 Jun 2009
Rugby: Bottle throwing puts tests in doubt
By Sarah Harvey

Future tests in Dunedin may be “jeopardised” after members of the crowd threw bottles at the celebrating French team at Carisbrook on Saturday night, with the New Zealand Rugby Union saying it will consider the incident when allocating future matches.
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• Carisbrook attracted a capacity crowd of 28,500.
• $300,000 from the test will go to ORFU.

Let’s not forget the trail of debris (mostly glass) strewn over South Dunedin’s main streets after Saturday night’s game.


### ODT Online Tue, 16 Jun 2009
ORFU chasing test against Wales
By Steve Hepburn

The Otago Rugby Football Union has confirmed it wants to host a Welsh test next year, which would mean all major international teams had played at Carisbrook.
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‘Super ward’ + Stevenson chasing votes over apology (ODT)

### ODT Online Tue, 16 Jun 2009
Super ward supported – now it’s over to the public
By David Loughrey
Plans for a “super ward” that could give voters a far greater say on which councillors represent the city have been supported by the Dunedin City Council. It is now the turn of the city’s voters to have their say on the issue before a final ruling is made.
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Stevenson is prone to abstain from voting when the going gets tough; she isn’t backing the super ward idea. This councillor has served a long term and not picked up any chairing or senior responsibilities in all that time. She’s probably feeling a bit threatened by the prospect of representational change. And so she should.

What comes next?
June 22: Council to consider yesterday’s vote.
July 4 to August 4: Public consultation period.
September 15: Final council decision.
October 15: Close of appeal period.
April 10, 2010: Final date for Local Government Commission decision.


### ODT Online Tue, 16 Jun 2009
Stevenson apology sent to ‘third party’
By Chris Morris
Cr Teresa Stevenson has sent a second apology to Dunedin Mayor Peter Chin, but doubts it will be good enough.
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This is nothing more than a bid on Stevenson’s part to attract voter sympathy – but actually we’re sick of it. This protracted stoush between Chin and Stevenson doesn’t deserve the exposure. Grow up.

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