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The Great Kiwi knocking machine

I am continually amazed at the ability of Kiwi’s to belittle each other.

Stadium cold feet? If the sock fits ‘get over it’

But I fear that it goes beyond the Great Kiwi Knocking Machine, doesn’t it. It demonstrates an arrogance, a preposterous belief in the worth of self and one’s opinion.

The pupils of Columba College participating in the Young Enterprise scheme have come up with an idea. But if we take anything from this whole sorry saga, ideas are the best shooting targets aren’t they? They are not proposing closing down housing for the old and poor, they aren’t suggesting raising taxes, they aren’t even suggesting we pull the legs off unsuspecting spiders, but if you are unfortunate enough to read most of the arrogant and hideous ‘complaints’ and ‘opinions’ over at the ODT following this article, one would have us believe that these girls are in cohorts with the devil himself.

Who was the bereft of ideas who is now framing this discourse beyond the moral to a Holy campaign. I don’t know about you, but if you are framing argument around supposed holy orders or deity inspiration, then dogma will prevail and any notion of debate is shot dead. This is not a Moral campaign and it is certainly not some bloody Holy campaign.

For the first time in a long time during this debate, I was sickened by the words that some have used to pour scorn on these young women. I can not fathom the level of arrogance demonstrated by some, and the weakness of campaign, when a group of young school pupils are subjected to Holy crusades and such ridicule.

They are not the people pushing this development, but they are the very champions I have been wishing would come along out of this project. I know of 3 companies striving to provide food for the hundreds of workers on site each day. I know of one sporting code already deep in planning for hosting of some of the thousands of wealthy Home Nation sports fans here for 2011. These are just one example of the belief I have in the power of one good idea leading others to strive to excel.

To all who wished to rain on the parade of these young women, pull your bloody heads out of your orifices, and if as my Gran used to say, if you haven’t got anything useful to say, keep it to your bloody self, because they aren’t the correct target for your ridicule.


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2011 RWC three pool games for "Carisbrook"

…and yet we get this nonsense

### ODT Online Wed, 10 Jun 2009
Stadium ‘magnificent venue’ for world cup games
By Alistair McMurran

The new Forsyth Barr Stadium is expected to be ready for the 2011 Rugby World Cup. That was the opinion of Nigel Cass, the general manager for tournament services for Rugby World Cup 2011, when he held a workshop in Dunedin yesterday.
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Oh that’s right, the government’s $15 million (your good tax money, folks) to help the VERY LOUD SHORTFALL in private sector funding is dependent on the shit new stadium being ready for RWC…


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Informal stadium users group

Not surprising given the people involved and their interests. Behind some of this is, of course, the University of Otago’s Dave Gerrard and his Development Office, as I have commented on previously. You just don’t create a centre for excellence in sports administration and performance without using his connections…

### ODT Online Wed, 10 Jun 2009
Sports centre at stadium proposed
By Allison Rudd

An international centre of sporting excellence based at the new Forsyth Barr Stadium in Dunedin is one of many ideas for the facility being explored by a stadium users group.
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D Scene promotes rugby test

Edith Notman’s letter to D Scene puts its first year of publication into sharp relief. Not flattering, enough said.

### D Scene 10-6-09 (page 3)
Sales aren’t freezing
By Ryan Keen, editor
…the rugby test this Saturday is heading for a sell-out. By deadline yesterday just 550 tickets remained and Otago rugby marketing boss Chris Green was confident they’d be snapped up (see story, p16). It’s a testament to this city’s healthy appetite for test rugby and hopefully it is rewarded with another big one scheduled at Carisbrook next year by rugby bosses…

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### D Scene 10-6-09 (page 5)
Stadium funding: Council’s roof millions
Pay to put a lid on it
By Michelle Sutton
Otago Regional Council wants its $37.5 million stadium contribution spent on putting a lid on the controversial project – with its first payment to Dunedin City Council expected to be made in August… Construction of the roof will start once the north and south stands are finished, expected to be by the middle of next year.


### D Scene 10-6-09 (pages 16-17)
All Blacks v France, Carisbrook, Saturday June 13, 7.35pm

(page 16 stories)
Sell-out crowd will boost 2010 test bid
Is Captain Mils a better centre?
City ready to party
North end late-night dining

[Lousy trouble at Octagon…] Beth Connor, owner of Ra Bar and Isis Lounge: “We’ve ordered double the amount of alcohol than normal.”

[Cruisy atmosphere, New Edinburgh Way, George Street] Dan Chin, owner of Robert Burns Pub: “We thought we’d go down the track of promoting responsible dining and drinking post-game.”

(page 17 stories)
Tell him he’s dreaming
French Kiss
French connections

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