DCC: Carisbrook pristine. Portobello Domain playing fields lack upkeep!

### ODT Online Sun, 7 Apr 2013
Anger over rabbit holes on Domain
By Tim Miller
Coaches and parents of players at the Hereweka Junior Football Club are livid the Portobello Domain is still not in any condition for games to be played there, with the start of the season only two days away.
None of the Hereweka Junior teams have been scheduled to play at the ground this weekend. A spokeswoman for FootballSouth said there had not been any instructions from the Dunedin City Council to move games away from the ground, and it was only by chance no games were to be played there this week.

All sports grounds in Dunedin were visited by contractors regularly but the council also had to look at prioritising grounds which got the most use.
–Lisa Wheeler, DCC parks manager

As reported in The Star last month, the club was given assurances by the Dunedin City Council that the ground would be ready and prepared by the start of the season, after it had been damaged by rabbits during the summer.
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Previously, via The Star:
24.3.13 Rabbits rip into domain

4.4.13 Rob Hamlin first notes the return of Rugby goal posts at Carisbrook with this comment.

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10 responses to “DCC: Carisbrook pristine. Portobello Domain playing fields lack upkeep!

  1. At ODT Online:

    Use Carisbrook
    Submitted by Rob Hamlin on Sun, 07/04/2013 – 12:59pm.

  2. Alan Beck

    Re Carisbrook. According to the onboard Intercity commentary (Invers to Dud), the Brook will not be sold or altered until the ashes of cricket legend Fred Trueman have been located and removed.

  3. Fred Trueman’s ashes, leave them there, will enhance the value. That’s if anyone can be convinced. Still we’ve been victims of bigger ‘cons’ on this issue.

  4. Rob Hamlin

    That one got through the screening. Several follow ups, including a response to personal attack on the same thread, have not been as fortunate. Clearly still a very sensitive issue that McPravda do not seem to want discussed – Unless of course it allows mud to be slung at preferred targets without offering them any right of reply.

  5. Alan Beck

    Correction on consecrated cricketer. That’s Bert Sutcliffe, not Trueman (dec 2001). Be a fine thing if the ashes of England’s greatest fast bowler were at Carisbrook.

  6. Elizabeth

    Another classic story about DCC-maintained playing fields, this time for premier rugby. See another DCC-toxic story here.

    [longer citation posted in the public interest]

    Parts of the Bishopscourt ground have been in poor condition all winter with complaints that the ground stunk and was not draining properly.

    ### ODT Online Sat, 12 Jul 2014
    Rugby: Ground blacklisted after rash outbreak
    By Alistair McMurran
    A nasty rash, thought to be caused by a polluted ground, has infiltrated a premier rugby team with the ground now blacklisted by the Dunedin City Council. Five Southern players complained of picking up a rash after last Saturday’s game on the Bishopscourt No 2 ground.

    ”Several players developed a skin rash and are visiting their doctors to get a diagnosis of what may have caused the rash,” Otago Rugby Football Union community services manager Richard Perkins told the Otago Daily Times. The players concerned want … to get a diagnosis of what may have caused the rash. We have no confirmation at this stage.”

    Southern premier team co-manager Mike Reggett said ”the rash came up when they sweated up. It covered most of their backs and was pretty bad.” ”They have still got it. One of the players was told it might take three or four weeks to go away,” Reggett said. ”The doctors don’t know what it is and are treating the players with antibiotics.”
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  7. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Thu, 17 Jul 2014
    Rash not down to fertiliser use
    By Debbie Porteous
    The cause of a rash that affected at least seven senior Dunedin rugby players remains a mystery after soil tests showed no fertiliser build-up that would have caused the outbreak. Although Dunedin City Council sports ground managers say they believe there is no reason why the ground should not be played on because the origins of the rash remain unclear, a decision is yet to be made about whether to reopen it for the remaining few weeks of the season.
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  8. Anonymous

    Don’t share your “girlfriend”

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