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South Island | North Island…. names

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Might as well put any serious issue, including any discussion about it, on hold while this latest silliness runs its course in the media. Likewise, this should include almost anything written under Life & Style section on Stuff.

I assume this National government is releasing all these madhatter distractions recently to deflect the masses away from its asset stripping agenda.

Coming soon: National recommends tax on breathing, penis size and voting for any opposition party.

### stuff.co.nz Last updated 14:25 02/04/2013
North and South Islands face name debate
There is to be a public consultation to name New Zealand’s two main islands, after a shock discovery that “North Island” and “South Island” were never official. The discovery followed a proposal to the New Zealand Geographic Board that South Island be changed to its original Maori name, board chairman Don Grant said. It was then found the English names for both islands had never been formalised.
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### ch9.co.nz April 3, 2013 – 8:53pm
Maori name proposal could become reality
A proposal to officially use Maori names for the North and South Islands could soon become a reality. Two community leaders both agree the idea is a positive move forward and will reflect cultural diversity in a way which is unique to New Zealand.

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