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Year 2013 opens with goodly despatch of Cr Collins, nearly

It Feels Good, People!
The other blockheads at the council table must follow.

Start with Mayor Cull and the remaining Stadium Councillors, some of whom, like Neil Collins, were bought by Sydney Brown – or so the rumours go.

YES. $10,000 of sparklers was all it took to get Fizzer Collins to fall off his budgie-seed perch. Think how much we’ve saved already!

We don’t doubt the GOBs have lined up a replacement or six with Dunedin’s, ahem, blue blood connections (see professional rugby/harness racing/SCF/pokie trusts/real estate/COC). Hell, they might as well wheel St Farry back in. How to keep that DEBT coming! $700 MILLION and climbing! This is a go-ahead kind of town! Root killer was applied to Presbyterianism years ago.

The bad news is Cr Collins collects a pay cheque for a few more months. Suggestion, Neil, pay it into the mayor’s fund – you’ve had enough cake, already. It might buy you the knighthood if you’re a good boy. But hey.

DCC homepage portrait nightmares 6.1.13 (screenshot)

In debt we shall linger, in sickness and in health.

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