ODT 21-12-12 screenshot

7 responses to “ODT 21-12-12 screenshot

  1. ForestCritter

    Rumour has it that the Stadium is subsiding at the harbour end. This was the end that was ignominiously observed where piles disappeared into the ground to never be seen again. I look forward to the constructions of these mighty complexes against all proper advice. Hopefully it will join the Stadium in sinking into the slimy volcanic cone of the harbour…

  2. Peter

    I have heard the same rumour. Though the person who told me wasn’t sure whether it was two inches or two feet. I’m no engineer, but if the former I wouldn’t think that is significant. Time will tell, I guess.

  3. Rob Hamlin

    Either is a long way in two years. If the design life is 50 years it’s a choice between 8 feet or 100 feet. The latter is well enough to put the nob’s boxes underground.

  4. Rob Hamlin

    At 25 years it puts the nobs boxes at pretty much ground level. Prettty much at about the time (Sir) Big Malc’s due to check out I would think. If Malc’s Mausoleum is built into one of the concourse or on of the boxes it should thus work well as a sort of Viking stadium burial don’t ye think?.

  5. Peter

    I’ve also heard that they have had to replace windows -including those for some Corporate boxes – because they have popped….due to movement from subsidence. Recently, Darren Burden mentioned something about maintenance having to be factored in, in the not too distant future, as additional costs for the stadium. You would expect this over time, but I wonder if he knows something we don’t know. Maybe it’s time the council stepped in and did an independent health and safety check of the building.DVML’s word means nothing.
    Given the rush to build for the RWC and changing the design of the stadium on the run, you would expect some balls ups from the cowboys who have been involved with this stadium from the outset.

  6. Calvin Oaten

    (Sir) Big Malc’s not a Viking. Don’t insult that race of warriors. More like a Hobbit I would have thought. As they seem to live in holes in the ground I reckon that’s closer to the mark.

  7. Peter

    Just made a connection. Do you remember there was some stadium rule, early on, that spectators were not alllowed to do the Mexican Wave? Was it just for the RWC? I wasn’t sure why at the time. Maybe they were scared that the simultaneous movement all those people might upset the delicate balance of the structure!

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