Proposed hotel – ODT graphic indicates building height

ODT 21-12-12 screenshotODT Online 21.12.12 (screenshot)

Read the article by Chris Morris:
Waterfront hotel: How big would it be?

Hotel/Casino/Investor updates for 41 Wharf Street:
Queenstown/Auckland Casinos (share swaps) Link to comment Link to comment

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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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13 responses to “Proposed hotel – ODT graphic indicates building height

  1. Elizabeth

    At Architecture School we used to call these phallic projections.

  2. Peter

    Yes, Elizabeth, all deeply psychological. Domineering mothers are to blame, I fear.

  3. Hype O'Thermia

    Alternatively, no plan to extend runway but silence so as not to rain on the parade of Visionary Riches and Illusory Jobs

  4. Calvin Oaten

    Dunedin International (way to go!) Airport (owned 50% DCC 50% Central Govt.) are probably miffed because theirs is bigger than ours sort of thing. 28 storeys up while ours is kms long. Flat of course. Nothing ‘phallic’ about that.

  5. Anonymous

    Trust the Oddity paper to get around to doing this once all the fluffiness has been published and at the end of the year. A newspaper would have done this right at the start. Eion, Michael and The Lawyer must be shielding the Chinese couple from any disapproval, because I want to believe they would feel uncomfortable if they realised how frustrated people were becoming over their concept. The GOBs will only be looking after their own interests and thinking themselves, and the couple, far more important than to be troubled by revolting citizens.

    Why haven’t the couple stepped forward yet and spoken about it? I don’t give a crap what Eion has to say following his position on the stadium. Certainly not going to take The Lawyer seriously. Clearly the paper is scared shitless of them all to avoid chasing this up, since THAT is what a reporter is meant to do when with newsworthiness.

    • Elizabeth

      The couple is one thing, it’s whose behind them back home that’s of greater interest.

      The Macau group?

      Somehow I think the couple are a little removed from the tower design – further, ‘she’ appears to have taste, as made manifest from reports of their wedding at Nelson. (joke)

      In brief (via Wiki):
      “In March 2012, announced a partnership with Expedia Affiliate Network to give users access to over 149,000 hotels worldwide.”

      “In November 2012, relaunched a revamped website featuring new sections such as Hotels, Thing to Do, Casinos, Calendar and Spas.” is a destination marketing and travel company based in Macau, China that focuses on information and trip planning tools for visitors coming to Macau. The company markets accommodation, shows, restaurants, entertainment and attractions in Macau and the Pearl River Delta region. It concentrates its business on the inbound market, primarily coming from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Australia and Southeast Asia.”
      Read more

      Probably the best thing to do is hack their site with images of the railway yards and a dead penguin.

  6. Anonymous

    The paper sure seems to have the best interests of GOBs at heart. I mean- wtf is with its concern about his pleasure boat? Insured none the least. MDownes states the obvious under the story.

    • Elizabeth

      Ran into a colleague this afternoon who works at the Department of Tourism, University of Otago. He says the information given in application about ‘(Chinese) tourism’ is bullshit. A friend of his specialises in hotels and is also saying the b-word.

      And, hello… we just happen to have a wee clip from the mindless at Ch9 tonight

      • Elizabeth

        Perfect. At ODT Online:

        Submitted by Dunner Runner on Fri, 21/12/2012 – 8:42pm.

        The architectural equivalent of Marge Simpson sitting down in front of you at a 3D screening of The Hobbit.

        • Elizabeth

          At ODT Online:

          Submitted by ej kerr on Fri, 21/12/2012 – 9:09pm.

          I’m pleased the newspaper has made a simulation the applicant’s experts dared not show.

          Hundreds of submitters are convinced this ‘architecture’ is unresponsive and contrary to the human scale that the majority of Dunedin buildings adhere to in terms of height and bulk. The effect of the tower (briefly) conceptualised for resource consent is bleak, unwelcoming, undistinguished, and largely undifferentiated for relief of its monolithic affront to a city gracious in its embrace of landform and dwelling place.

          Some residents haven’t been here long; others have tenure through extended family ranging to five, six and seven generations, and much longer. Not in all this time has ‘pioneering’ by the monied been this unattractive, forced, dislocated and insincere.

          When the hotel ‘vision’ was launched last May, I described the building as a slab. Days later I saw it as a headstone. Our city is the product of high and low fortunes, purpose and zeal, hoped-for egalitarianism, busy layers of eclectic colonial architecture with twentieth century overlays, strong work ethics, social agency, charitable deeds and volunteerism, and a collective belief in self-governance.

          We don’t need a dead ‘buy in’ to register why we are different, multiple and special, right down to the bone.

  7. Elizabeth

    Sorry folks, an unintentional error, the above post didn’t allow comments (you’ve since commented via the image, thanks) – a box not ticked here at the Dashboard.

    ### ODT Online Mon, 24 Dec 2012
    Hotel debate has smelter overtones
    By Allan Dick
    As the debate over the proposed waterfront hotel continues, Allan Dick draws comparisons with an earlier controversy which divided Dunedin, the Aramoana smelter.
    Read more

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