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Political Satire – Yeah Right

From the ODT after the unauthorised “Yeah Right” anti-stadium kerfuffel.

“Tui – owned by DB Breweries – occasionally granted permission for others to use its brand.
However, Mr Bear said in this case the company was “not aware of it, and definitely wouldn’t sign off on it being used for those purposes”

So up at the Oval Tui has posted a billboard something along the lines “If we pay for the stadium, do we get free tickets – yeah right”.

Ironic then that an official Tui billboard engaging the very topic has turned up at the Oval. In the light of Tui becoming involved in the political debate, here’s a selection of Tui-takes. It’s no surprise that Tui has become a player in this game, it’s a brand that likes pushing limits(?), but to become involved, opens them up to fair political satire don’t you think.





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