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“Civic administration” reacts to hard hitting Listener article

Election Year. This post is offered in the public interest.

S o u t h • D u n e d i n • F l o o d

Truth and decency are owed to the flood affected people of South Dunedin.

Interpretations post flood and in the months since —appear without technical evidence, making false claim to Climate Change (the ‘end is nigh’ if only to avoid local government liability), in contradiction to data and analysis provided by local engineers, ORC, MetService and former council staff, amongst others.

Listener 11-17 Jun 2016 p22 [20160606_154423] 36 June 2016
[post] Listener June 11-17 2016 : Revisiting distress and mismanagement #SouthDunedinFlood

‘Our leader’ is in a self-flagellating hole —prepared to say anything to attract votes in the October local body elections. Serious ? Genuine ?

We owe it to ourselves.
The Mayor of Dunedin should not get a third term.

‘Leadership’ has involved neglect of core council business – specifically, maintenance of key infrastructure network and services.

This has done too much damage: tens of millions of dollars of damage at South Dunedin. A massive hit sustained by constituents and insurers. Yet today ‘the administration’ rattles and unsettles the community it has comprehensively failed, with latest wanton burble at the opinion pages of the Otago Daily Times.

The Mayor should immediately resign his office at Dunedin City Council.

Bullshit from the Mayor and underlings is UNACCEPTABLE.
South Dunedin has a stormwater system that when properly maintained is well able to take rainstorms equivalent to that experienced a year ago.

Systems can always be improved but the current stormwater system is not all that old and has been designed with sufficient control mechanisms and stopgaps.

The Administration failed (for years) to deliver on budget, contracts, drain and mudtank maintenance; failed to check pump performance and screens at pumping stations during the June 2015 storm event; as staffing changed, failed to set in place procedures for weather events; failed to understand Civil Defence requirements for the most densely settled suburb of Dunedin; failed to adequately consider storm run-off from surrounding hill areas and the increase of impermeable surfaces as The Flat developed; failed to release stormwater to the ocean, etc etc……. but ultimately FAILED to put proper thought and planning to AVOIDANCE of Endangerment to the lives, health and livelihoods of thousands of South Dunedin residents.

Seriously. That’s the sort of ‘care and concern’ the gold-chained opinion-writer represents at ODT today. Further, there are Absolutely No Grounds to grease up the loophole backside of the technically inexpert Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment.

The Listener article raises the issue of “mismanagement” during the rains of early June 2015. The liability rests at council doors.
That is a hammering public fact.

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What if? swayed by celebrity, loveliness —and dirty politics

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Tue, 23 Sep at 2:44 p.m.

Whaleoil Crusher together [Sassi St Claire]Image: Sassi St Claire

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Missing person


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Er, um, yeah, OK… actually, we’re watching the #GreatTrussLift – no other news counts

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###3news.co.nz Sat, 15 May 2010 5:31p.m.
New stadium in Dunedin reaches milestone
By Dave Goosselink
Giant cranes have been hard at work in Dunedin, lifting the main steel roof truss for the new stadium. It is an important milestone for the Forsyth Barr Stadium, which is being built near the city’s waterfront.


We had to bump Eion down the page…

### ch9.co.nz May 14, 2010 – 8:33pm
Forsyth Barr Chairman in Dunedin today
Chairman of Forsyth Barr Sir Eion Edgar was in Dunedin today and talked with 9 Local News about the company’s recent growth into markets such as Queenstown. Whilst there he also touched on the state of the Stadium, and the state of the business climate coming out of the recession, and the consistent theme was to stay positive through any weather.

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Urban health and stadiums: we’re hopelessly “overprescribed”

### ODT Online Sat, 6 Mar 2010
Harland speaker at Kobe conference
By Eileen Goodwin
How do you improve urban health?
Dunedin City Council chief executive Jim Harland was hand-picked by the World Health Organisation to help it come up with a strategy to do just that.
Mr Harland attended a meeting in Kobe, Japan, last week to develop a global programme on urban health equality.

Urban planning, if done correctly, could go a long way to improving residents’ health. Obvious examples were water, sewerage and rubbish services, but less obvious examples included the correct use of lighting, which reduced the risk of violent street attacks, and providing facilities such as sports stadiums and libraries, which improved mental health.

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See comment by Calvin Oaten.

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