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Would CCOs lie to the Courts? #dangerous #power


Tonight Richard posted another note at his Facebook page:

We know Delta feel free to play with the truth – But would they lie to the Courts?
Richard Healey · Saturday, 28 January 2017
It’s obvious that Delta think nothing of spinning the facts for you or me, think back to last December when a high voltage line fell to the ground in Tainui, burning the grass. Delta said, and I quote “it presented no danger to the public”. I guess, because no one was under it at the time it fell, you could argue that the statement is true. To me it’s like claiming that firing a gun down the Prince’s St presented no danger to the public because you didn’t hit anyone. Your call, was that a lie?

pothead-photo-supplied-by-richard-healeyOr how about this one, when a cast iron cable termination fractured in several places showering the pavement with molten tar – “Delta marketing and communications manager Gary Johnson said the Havelock St pothead was found to have a “slow leak” of insulating material and was removed.” I suppose we could argue about the definition of slow, I’m sure the bitumen that came out did so very slowly – compared to the speed of light – but to characterise a failure that split a cast iron vessel many millimeters thick as a “slow leak” is disingenuous at best. Would you call that a lie?

In his second interview with TV3 Grady Cameron claimed that he wanted to talk to me about the issues that I’d raised but that I had resigned before he had the opportunity. Technically he is absolutely correct, I had resigned. What he didn’t say was that I was working out a months notice, that I was at my desk, with my cellphone on and my computer in front of me when he had me “quarantined” and removed from the office. Not only that, but he cancelled a meeting that I had been told to attend with both Grady and Matt Ballard (more about him shortly) the next day. Would you call that a lie?

The question that I’ve been considering for the last month or so is – would they lie in court?



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*Image: Failed pothead, slow leak? – photo care of Richard Healey


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