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“Wellington Sevens face extinction”

### stuff.co.nz Last updated 05:00 06/02/2010
Wellington loses permanent sevens bid
By Dave Burgess – The Dominion Post
Auckland and Dunedin are trying to poach the NZI Sevens after Wellington city officials failed in a proposal to host the $15.6 million event permanently. Wellington’s contract to host the two-day party event, part of the International Rugby Board’s sevens world series, expires after next year’s event. Wellington City Council met New Zealand Rugby Union officials to seek permanent hosting rights. Mayor Kerry Prendergast said that, after 10 successful years, this made sense. “But the rugby union told us there was regional pressure [from other cities to host the sevens] and they wanted to go through the tender process, which is usual business practice.”
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### TVNZ News 6:21PM Saturday February 06, 2010
Wellington Sevens under threat
Source: ONE Sport
The Wellington Sevens is facing possible extinction after their bid for permanent hosting rights has been turned down by the New Zealand Rugby Union. The iconic event that attracts thousands of fans and revellers to the capital will be up for open bidding after next year’s event the NZRU announced on Saturday. According to the NZRU many centres around the country are very interested in hosting the lucrative event. The main competition will most likely come from Auckland and Dunedin whose main stadiums are both undergoing a major upgrade ahead of the 2011 World Cup.
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DVML wants Sevens for stadium

### ODT Online Fri, 8 Jan 2010
Plan to bid for Sevens
By Chris Morris
A plot to poach the Wellington Sevens rugby tournament for Dunedin’s Forsyth Barr Stadium is being hatched in the deep South. The annual NZI Sevens event – which attracts 16 teams, 50,000 visitors and millions of dollars of spending – was on a list of events to be targeted by Dunedin Venues Management Ltd for the city’s new stadium.
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City waterfronts

### Radio New Zealand National 101FM 6 September 2009
Sunday Morning with Chris Laidlaw
8:12 Insight: Waterfront Wars
Insight looks at the on-going tussle over the development of the waterfronts in Auckland and Wellington. Can new buildings re-vitalise the areas or should open space be preserved for public access?
Written and presented by Eric Frykberg
Audio | Download: Ogg MP3 (26′ 27″)


### RNZ National Friday, 04 September 2009 08:50
Morning Report with Geoff Robinson & Sean Plunket
Activists cautious of waterfront development
Activists remain on watch as Wellington and Auckland city authorities intensify development of their waterfronts. (duration: 3′20″)
Audio | Download: Ogg Vorbis MP3 (3′ 20″)

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STS: Date for Court of Appeal

Drawing the long bow…

### ODT Online Mon, 3 Aug 2009
Stop the Stadium gets date for hearing
By David Loughrey

Stop the Stadium president Bev Butler still hopes the Forsyth Barr Stadium can be stopped, despite construction proceeding at the Awatea St site. The group’s next court date has been set for 10am on August 18 at the Court of Appeal, in Wellington.
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2011 RWC: Dunedin the poor cousin

### NZ Herald Online 4:00AM Sunday Mar 22, 2009
2011 RWC: So much for stadium of 4 million

By Heather McCracken

So much for the stadium of four million. Rugby World Cup organisers are focusing on the big metropolitan venues of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch as they try to get bums on the more expensive seats.

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Sorry saga of cost overruns, Kerr

### interest.co.nz February 11, 2009
Opinion: Don’t subsidise stadia or events without referenda
By Roger Kerr
Stadiums and events involving central and local governments are often controversial. The redevelopment of Carisbrook is a case in point.
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This piece by Roger Kerr first appeared in the Otago Daily Times, August 11, 2006. Roger Kerr (rkerr@nzbr.org.nz) is the executive director of the New Zealand Business Roundtable.


www.interest.co.nz is the market-leading resource for interest-rate comparatives in New Zealand. It is the only truly comprehensive source of all interest rates, and is updated many times each day. It is a service by JDJL Limited of Auckland who publish a number of titles on the web.

This service was established in 1999 and has grown to be a key source of research on banks and other financial institutions that provide both lending and deposit products to the New Zealand market. Behind this live-and-free on-line resource are extensive databases, and a market intelligence service that supports many clients. JDJL is completely independent of every financial institution and adviser group in the market. David Chaston directs a number of professional analysts, who generate a range of research, as well as institutional and media rate feeds.
Bernard Hickey, Managing Editor, interest.co.nz


See comment by Peter Entwisle at SkyscraperCity on the funding of Wellington’s Westpac Stadium (The Cake Tin) compared to the proposed Otago stadium.

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