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Defibrillators – where are they?

“There’s no point in people dying when a potential piece of life-saving equipment is 50m away. And that happens regularly. We need to make people aware of where they are.”

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### ODT Online Sat, 19 Jan 2013
Defibrillators easy to find by phone
By Shawn McAvinue
Life-saving defibrillators are sitting idle as people nearby needlessly die, says the creator of a defibrillator locator. AED Locations founder Gareth Jenkin said he had taught thousands of people how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED) when working as a resuscitation co-ordinator at Auckland City Hospital, but could not give his students information on where to find one. Many people died because a defibrillator could not be found, he said.

He had the idea to build a website to locate a defibrillator but had no money or knowledge to build it. But Able Technology heard of his vision and built Mr Jenkin the website at no charge.

At www.aedlocations.co.nz, 2500 defibrillator locations are mapped and a smartphone application can locate the nearest defibrillator using GPS.

In an emergency, people should dial 111 and then use the application on their smartphone, which included a function to speed dial the defibrillator location so it could be rushed to the emergency.

Any defibrillator owners should contact him with the locations because the larger the database, the more chance a life could be saved.
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Journalist sums up 2012, against the ‘odds’ how does it rate ?

### ODT Online Tue, 1 Jan 2013
Ups and downs, but no worries
By Nigel Benson
It was the year that had a bit of everything. A bit like most other years, really. Nigel Benson looks back on 2012… Dunedin wakes up with a New Year’s Day hangover, but feeling rather smug. The driest December since 1918 has brought the best weather in New Zealand, while heavy rain and floodwaters sweep the rest of the country.
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ODT 31.1.12 (front page detail)

We always enjoy the news. We note the abridgements, deletions, non-acknowledgements and hijackings that meant the most concerning news generated within our Community never got through. No “lack of political motivation”, as ’twere.

Consolation Prize: DCC continues to ‘advertise’ with ODT, by special arrangement.

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Otago Chamber of Commerce campaigns for harbourside

The Chamber calls for the support of its members.

Tweets received today:

@OtagoChamber We need your support re Harbourside http://ow.ly/1nw1i Otago Chamber ODT campaign (facebookpage http://ow.ly/1nwbi )

@OtagoChamber Become a fan of the Otago Chamber of Commerce on facebook http://ow.ly/1nuWi

The Otago Chamber of Commerce is the leading economic agency in Otago.
It has a mission to actively promote and encourage business growth and opportunity in Otago, New Zealand.

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fubar website development

Tweet today…

Working on new website for Forsyth Barr Satdium [sic], hopefully up and running in the next couple of weeks:) if all goes well


Yikes, another message received for publication here:

Does the annual plan require to go through a public submission process before the extra $1.1 million is approved for DVML? If that is the case as i believe then why are they doing an interim site…. or is it that the funding is a fait accompli because of the Councillors already committed?
[from fuzzy]

Who dares answer this?

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