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#NewDunedinSlogan by twerps (darn, tweeps)


Twitter is brilliant for brainstorming, join us there…

Following news yesterday Dunedin is seeking a new slogan and promotional strategy, Paul Le Comte @five15design started a ‘hashstream’ at Twitter saying the search is on for a #NewDunedinSlogan, an invitation open to all Tweeps…

View the tweets received (you don’t need a Twitter account) at


We’re publishing here two twitterfeeds (minus avatars), the side-stream first compiled from @10PARK‘s account, and the main flow generated by @fivedesign‘s #NewDunedinSlogan, in three parts.

DRAFT DISCLAIMER What if was only listening and collecting from Twitter’s open platform… UNTIL SOMEONE COMPLAINS we are sooo innocent on all counts, and we are prepared to negotiate for our survival… we’ll work out the real disclaimer later.


10PARK twitterfeed #NewDunedinSlogan

#NewDunedinSlogan stream, otherwise termed an explosion:

#NewDunedinSlogan PART I pp1-10
#NewDunedinSlogan PART II pp11-20
#NewDunedinSlogan PART III pp 21-32

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