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SH88 realignment – information

Comment received from daseditor
Submitted on 2012/05/26 at 8:18 pm

[24.5.12] Edmund Anscombe and the Anzac Avenue Trees

With your discussion of the alignment I hope you’ll also take the time to read the article above on the Anzac Avenue trees. The alignment construction looks as though it has severely affected a critical area of the city’s landscape heritage which is linked to the work of prominent architect Edmund Anscombe.

Images supplied by Anonymous*

The image dates relate to Google Earth snapshots: 2005 January, 2006 March, 2009 July, 2011 January, and 2011 September. 2004 is available but heavy cloud cover obscures the view.

SH88 – Google Earth images including the quarry and Logan Park sports field.

SH88 – The same images cropped to SH88 entry and exit points.

SH88 – The Google Maps image which marks the road.

*Several contributors at this website use the title Anonymous.

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DCC Chief Executive, please not a footstep follower . . .

### ODT Online Fri, 25 Mar 2011
47 apply for Harland’s job
By Chris Morris
Nearly 50 candidates – some from as far away as the United Kingdom – have applied to be the Dunedin City Council’s next chief executive.
Former council chief executive Jim Harland announced his resignation late last year and finished on January 21. Athol Stephens is acting chief executive in the meantime.
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### ODT Online Fri, 25 Mar 2011
Editorial: Slowing council rates rises
Local territorial authorities are in the midst of the rates season. They have been preparing draft annual plans, and these are now going out for public submissions. In several districts, the trend is at least downwards, and almost all draft proposals are well under the figures projected under long-term plans.
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### ODT Online Fri, 25 Mar 2011
Landfill becoming ‘seventh eyesore’
By Chris Morris
A mountain of rubbish at Dunedin’s Green Island landfill risks becoming “the seventh eyesore of the city” as work at the site enters a new phase, a Dunedin city councillor says. Cr Colin Weatherall has emailed Dunedin City Council staff to express concern at the work at the council-owned landfill, which is exposing a view of rubbish to residents in surrounding suburbs and motorists on the Southern Motorway.
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Baltimore: proposal for single downtown zoning designation

### http://www.baltimoresun.com January 8, 2010
New zoning would protect views of iconic buildings
No new parking lots under proposed plan
By Lorraine Mirabella
Baltimore’s downtown would include designated districts that are defined by unique building structures, and regulations would prohibit blocking views of the city’s iconic structures under a proposed vision for future development.

Protecting distinctive views of buildings [is] “politically charged, but a very brave thing to do. It’s our only chance to have cohesion in downtown.”
-Gary Bowden, Urban Development and Architecture Review Panel

City planners offered preliminary ideas on Thursday for new rules and guidelines to replace downtown’s zoning regulations, which haven’t been updated in nearly 40 years. The new zoning also would prohibit any new surface parking lots. The proposals will be incorporated into a new zoning code for the entire city through the Transform Baltimore initiative.

“This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity…to not be bound by the current rules and to improve urban design quality of the region.”
-Thomas J. Stosur, city planning director

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Latest on PARKING +OMG tinkering with options for buses

Channel 9 News tonight indicates the council’s working party to address parking woes has settled into a self-congratulatory funk.

Deputy mayor Syd Brown, chair of the working party, says: “We have done our best to untangle the mess that was the city’s parking system.”

At Thursday’s extraordinary meeting of the council it is likely the recommended fixes will be approved, to be followed by an intensive media campaign.

It is expected the changes will be implemented by the end of the month.

Were any changes – or how few – needed to the parking system before council staff launched and totally bungled the exercise.

In future, DON’T be the desk-sitting pen&paper-pushers that INTERFERE with established COMMERCE in this town. GOT IT ?!


### ODT Online Tue, 3 Nov 2009
`Suite’ of parking changes on table
By Mark Price
The Dunedin City Council’s parking officers may be instructed to look the other way when they encounter delivery vehicles parked illegally on loading zones in Dunedin’s CBD.
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The main changes being recommended to the Dunedin City Council by its parking review working party are:

Parking times

Paid parking in lower Stuart St, from Moray Pl to Castle St; in Cumberland St west side, from St Andrew St to Queens Gardens; in Princes St, from Rattray St to Jetty St: From 4-hour maximum to a 60-min maximum.

Paid parking in George St, from Frederick St to Albany St: from 30-min maximum to 60-min maximum.

Paid parking on Cumberland St east side, from Stuart St to St Andrew St: predominantly 4-hour maximum, with some short-term parking.

Parking charges

George St, from the Octagon to Frederick St, from $2 to $1.50 for 30 mins.

For Moray Pl south of Stuart St, from $3 to $2 an hour.

For Cumberland St, from Stuart St to Queens Gardens, from $1 to $2 an hour.

For Scotland St from $2 to $1 an hour.

For George St, from Albany St to Union St, from $2 to $1 an hour.

For Union St, from George St to Great King St, from $2 to $1 an hour.

For Clark St, from paid parking to free parking.

Parking buildings

Normal charge $2 an hour Monday to Friday from opening until 6pm; then calculated in 15-minute time increments.

Charge for evening parking, Monday to Friday and Saturday parking $1 an hour, calculated in 30-min time increments.

Early bird (before 10am), $1 an hour discount parking in Great King St and Moray Pl YMCA parking buildings while these are under-utilised.

Fringe parking

$5 a day parking in parts of Smith St, Haddon Pl, Union St, St Andrew St, Queens Gardens, Crawford St and Stuart St.

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And then, MORE to make Dunedin citizens go STIR FRIGGING CRAZY…

[thanks for the headsup Channel 9]

Tomorrow’s Otago Daily Times has a story about DCC and ORC (joy of joy) looking at bus options in the main street.

ONE of the six options is a “bus station” in the central carriageway of the Octagon.

Glory be to sick urban design ideas that DESTROY AND ANNIHILATE a critical public place (semi-green space) with DIESEL-EMITTING NOISY LARGE VEHICLES, in the true spirit of NON GREEN interventions to suffocate and kill us all. I’m too scared to THINK what the other options are. See new post, Buses in Dunedin CBD.

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