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The haunting

Words come back…

Connections are so important. Hell, file sharing is super important.

Some days we watch, listen, argue, read, sigh, laugh, throw stones, wait. Then a narly rock lands here, setting up some of the best ripples.

What if? regularly receives presents of good intention – background information, secret squirrel, opinion, latest stories and links, as prompts.

Today, in came another one…

Thus we searched Channel 9 archives at http://www.ch9.co.nz for “stadium debate” and clicked on “The Great Stadium Debate Sept 28, 2007”. Ron Kjestrup referees a discussion with supporters, detractors and the Carisbrook Stadium Trust.

Some of the references we find interesting.

The following highlights are not an attempt to represent a full transcript of the debate. They are places to pause and consider who said them, with what veracity, honesty, false security.


8:26 (minutes into debate) Land Quotes from Malcolm Farry, independent chairman of Carisbrook Stadium Trust and director of the Highlanders [from 5/03/2005 until recently]
“We will not seek a premium but a fair commercial rate”
“We have budget for it and will not exceed our budget”

[Note: Their budget was originally $15m then went up to $20m. The final price paid for the land was $35.6m. Land owners were paid approximately three times the present capital value of the land. One of the land owners, Maxton Holdings (shareholders John Farry/Tony Clear) bought their land in 2001 for $220,000 (CV was $400,000) and sold their land for $1.6m (CV was then $600,000). When D Scene approached John Farry for comment he said it was “a piss in the bucket”.]

9:00 – “If we cannot secure the land within the budget that will almost certainly be the end of the project.”

9:25 – Carisbrook “Land value close to $10m”
[D Scene reports recently that a valuer put land value at $4m.]

14:32 – RWC “6-8 week window” in a “75-100 year project”
“not trying to belittle the RWC”

14:50 – RWC – started off as the major driving force
– we’ve moved over from rugby
– now major driving force is Uni saying we need it by 2011
– critical space shortages.

15:27 – “We’ve made a major undertaking it won’t go above the budget”

16:40 – GMP of $188m “people say we can’t do it”
“We are here to prove them wrong”
This is cost driven.
“This won’t exceed $188m by one cent”
Otherwise “it won’t get built”

18:30 – Some people say “figures don’t work”. “they’re wrong”

20:40 – “We won’t allow a blowout” “We knew”

21:45 – “conflicts of interest” Ron Anderson CST trustee and shareholder Arrow International

Thankyou, Sources.

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