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San Francisco plans new public transit hub

Ambitious in USA, of all recession-prone places. But really, you got to tell us if building towers is sustainable development, increases density, but…

### http://www.nytimes.com January 2, 2010
Ambitious Downtown Transit Project Is at Hand
By Brad Stone
In 2010, San Francisco will finally bring out the wrecking balls and cement mixers and embark on a grand overhaul of its downtown. The project could eventually result in a half-dozen new skyscrapers, including a 1,200-foot tower whose gracefully tapered top would add a defining element to the iconography of the upwardly mobile skyline.
Planners say the Transbay Transit Center, which is scheduled to be completed in 2015, will serve 45 million passengers a year. The existing transportation terminal will be demolished and replaced with the sparkling new transit centre.
Much of this grand transformation, which would leave the 853-foot Transamerica pyramid as the second-tallest structure in the city, is still in the conceptual stages. The ambitious plan for a new urban neighbourhood could be scaled back. But the centrepiece of the project — a $4.2 billion public transit hub — has enough financing to begin construction, and the first dirt could be turned as early as March.
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