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DVML: New monthly updates in local press

HOT page 5 beefcake.

IMG_20140902_180724ODT advert 2.9.14 (detail)

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Town Hall, Dunedin Centre, Municipal Chambers #linked

Dunedin Town Hall (Municipal Chambers) 3Strengthened and up to code, pity about the debt – and DVML

### ODT Online Thu, 7 Mar 2013
RSA choir to ‘open’ town hall on Anzac Day
By Debbie Porteous
After nearly three years and more than $45 million spent on restorations and improvements, Dunedin’s town hall and neighbouring Dunedin Centre are scheduled to reopen next month. And on April 25, a group with long links to the venue, the Dunedin RSA Choir, will be the first to perform there. Choir member David More said they were looking forward to returning to the town hall with their Anzac Day Revue. ”Norma”, the town hall organ, was protected and had fans removed and replaced, but was not otherwise touched during the project, which included work on the town hall, Glenroy auditorium and municipal chambers.

● Contractors would be busy getting the centre ready for handing over to council-owned venue management company Dunedin Venues Ltd by April 5.
● The centre will be officially reopened at a civic reception on April 24.

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Dunedin Town Hall Burton Bros tepapacollections 4Dunedin Town Hall, Burton Bros (Te Papa Collections)

History and significance?
Read the Heritage New Zealand (HNZ) – Registration Reports:
Municipal Chambers – Category 1 (List No. 2197)
Dunedin Town Hall and Concert Chamber – Category 2 (List No. 2150)

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Dunedin Town Hall (facade to Moray Place) 2

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StS Meeting Bingo

Apparently we are going to hear ‘unscripted’, ‘new voices’ (from which the only new voice is in fact not an Anti-Stadium person Michael Steadman) at a meeting at the Town Hall.

Considering we have heard from these people before, and remembering that Eckhoff’s and Hamlin’s performance at the inaugural meeting July last year was comical if not hysterical at best, these ‘unscripted’ voices better have come up with something new.

So in the light of the same-old same-old that we are going to hear, I thought it would be fun to have a little fun at this meeting. Public Meeting Bingo has always been a favourite game of mine. Basically you get some cards, when you hear the word you cross them out, and just like in Bingo if you get a line you yell out in full voice (irrespective of the speaker) “LINE” and then of course “Bingo”. The reaction from the concerned masses gathered is funny (ohh the scorn), and it never fails to put off an ‘unscripted’ speaker.

So download these and have some fun. I guess my cover will finally be blown. These words are all from the speakers mentioned, and I have no doubt that they will use these and other ‘tired’ arguments’ again. Thankfully some of the more looney ‘terrorist’ ‘global warming’ scare mongers ideas aren’t speaking (but Eckhoff – really? it’s going to be the same old libertarian right wing ACT conservative white male central otago farmer rubbish all over again. I bet $10 to charity that he says the words ‘this isn’t very Politically Correct of me’).

Clicking on the card will open the printable version.




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