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PROFOUND #AvoidMegaStructuresForHappyCities

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Christchurch Convention Centre location a ‘mistake’
By Lois Cairns
Putting a convention centre in the middle of Christchurch’s city centre is a mistake, Canadian urban experimentalist Charles Montgomery says.
“If your interest is in creating rich, social, connected environments in your core you should be very wary of plans to drop mega structures into that fabric. Convention centres are notorious, because of their architectural requirements, for killing street life around their edges,” Montgomery said.
“We need to be very wary of renderings of mega structures like convention centres that are filled with cartoon people because frequently those cartoon people don’t actually appear after the structures are built.”
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Charles Montgomery on Q+A TVI 12.4.15 - ONE NEWS [tvnz.co.nz] [screenshot]

TV1 Q + A 10:36AM Sunday April 12, 2015
The key to a happier life is in the design of our cities.
█ Video: Why sprawling, car dependent cities are making us miserable? Charles Montgomery (10:34)

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Regeneration of Gateshead

How Think Big should be remembered/envisioned.

Gateshead Council is about to embark on one of the BIGGEST ever housing regeneration projects in the UK. We are looking for Joint Venture Partners to work with us and deliver new housing for a variety of Gateshead residents. This once in a lifetime deal will transform and revitalise areas of Gateshead for the future.

We have already built a successful reputation based on our imaginative and groundbreaking approach to regeneration. This continues today with our ongoing developments in the town centre, our £300m Baltic Business Quarter and other Quayside developments.

And now we have another project – it’s a BIG deal for us, for our communities and for the partners who work with us.

If you’ve got the VISION, we’ve got the OPPORTUNITIES and together we can TRANSFORM Gateshead – JOIN US

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