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if, and I want to write this in letters several hundred feet high, just to prove how bloody big an IF this is – IF terrorists were to even know that New Zealand was on the map, IF they decided that we’ve pissed someone off to be on the side of their enemies, IF there was a sports event at the new stadium, IF those said terrorists put 1+1 together and come up with Kaboom, if those terrorists were able to plan something this audacious, IF that plan was to slip under the radar of international authorities (we’re not talking some road side opportunist Baghdad bombing), if they were somehow able to get to the UNDERGROUND storage facilities and if the safety mechanisms of those oil and gas facilities was to fail because of said terrorists, then bugger me that’s bad luck.

This isn’t some fantasy of a 12 year old school boy with war and guns on his brain, this is one of the serious scenarios proposed in it’s formal submission to the planning process looking into changing the cities plan to allow for the new stadium development. And they’re proud of it. Sweet Jesus I’m glad I couldn’t make it to the hearings yesterday to hear that shite, I think I would have been either laughing so hard or jeering so loud that either way I would have been thrown out.


Take a good hard look at this lot. Yes it’s getting personal now. These are the people that want to stop something that is going to be so good for so many people. Look long and hard at those faces and think to yourself, yeah, this is the way forward Dunedin, hiding from Terrorists! Continue reading


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