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DCC stewardship #FAIL —Tomahawk School (community asset)

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Waste Not Want Not – Tomahawk School

I’ve never liked seeing things go to waste. Especially when those things can be used again by someone else or redesigned for another purpose. It’s probably why I have a garage full of “junk” or as I like to call it “things that might come in handy one day”. Now I’m just talking about small stuff, nuts, bolts, door latches and bits of timber, but lately I’ve seen a much bigger issue of waste that has been frustrating Tomahawk for more than three years.

SONY DSCImage: Paul Pope

In 2012 the Dunedin City Council purchased the Tomahawk School site from the Ngai Tahu for $300,000. The school had been closed by the Ministry of Education in 2010 and the property sold by the Crown. The 2012 purchase by the Council was made as part of the Coastal Dune Reserves Management Plan process, creating a required level of protection for adjacent dunes. However, it appears that coastal protection was not the only reason for the purchase by the Council. It would be fair to say that those reasons have become considerably muddled. On one hand there is the thought that the land and school are a community asset. While on the other there was a view within Council that it was essential to buy the property to stop subdivision and consequent residential development on coastal land into 15 properties with 15 houses.
It gets worse, read on…. more photos

Media Stories
3.3.12 ODT: DCC buys school from Ngai Tahu
3.2.10 3News: School with no pupils forced to remain open

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Yep, Kereyn Smith thinks like ‘stadium boys’

She apparently hopes DCC ratepayers will soak up the cost of her empire building dreams.

D Scene, hello! This is NOT a $198 million stadium precinct – do your sums or read other media news of the spiralling stadium cost. We don’t want to use the words pig ignorance.

### DScene 3-3-10 (page 6)
Indoor pool mooted
By Michelle Sutton
An indoor swimming pool has been mooted as a second stage development at Dunedin’s $198 million stadium precinct. The NZ Academy of Sport South Island, headquarters in Dunedin, confirmed to D Scene that it would like a pool included in the stadium precinct, where it hopes to be based at in the future. The Awatea street roofed venue – branded the Forsyth Barr Stadium at University Plaza – is currently under construction, with a August 1 2011 Rugby World Cup deadline.
Meanwhile, as a pool at the stadium dvelopment is suggested, Dunedin City Council is also reviewing its pool facilities.
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