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Cartoon times… + CIB investigation

### ODT Online Sat, 2 May 2009
Cartoon action ruled out
By Chris Morris
One of the Dunedin city councillors depicted as a Nazi in a controversial anti-stadium cartoon has ruled out taking legal action, as debate over its publication appeared to divide some anti-stadium campaigners.
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### ODT Online Sat, 2 May 2009
CIB investigating death threat against Butler
By Debbie Porteous
Police have confirmed they are investigating a death threat against Stop the Stadium president Bev Butler.
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Meanwhile at SkyscraperCity:
“Police investigating death threat against Bev Butler … one of these ‘threats’ would seem to relate to a post on this site.” Link

Pre-march banter is suddenly a death threat. Yeah right.

Mental note:
Members of the public concerned for their lives because the StS website shows citizens being run over by an armoured tank really shouldn’t call CIB.

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Follow the rates revolt at your own risk!

IF (and again a very big IF) they are correct and that it is still $66 rates cost, then the rates revolt suggested by the StS is going to cost you big time, quite possibly a lot more than $66 a year. Continue reading


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