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If you ever needed any more proof the StS hurt Dunedin…

So I am wandering downstairs in my new office to the cafe at the bottom of the building, and what do I hear bellowing over a full cafe, a supposedly intelligent person (well he does work as a scientist at the University) holding forth about a ‘miniature tin-pot stadium with a glass roof and grass that won’t grow’. He knows of no other stadium in the world with a glass roof where the grass grows – and he was (as per usual with the exceedingly uninformed but incredibly opinionated Anti crowd) lecturing this to his colleagues.

I mean what the bloody hell is one to do with this except get a little juvenile and start saying, “we won we won”.

Holly Crap, I mean really, it’s not a bloody glass roof, it’s not a small tin-pot building and (this is the irony) the scientific studies carried out show that the grass will grow.

I’m lost for words.

The StS, hang your head low, your campaign of disinformation is seemingly timeless. Would have been nice to have been a complete twat then and there, whip out my iPhone, record his comments and in a couple of years time when it’s done and dusted and the grass is still growing under the ‘glass roof’, just to play it back to him and say, really, were you sure of what you were saying?


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