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Dunedin’s kerbside waste collections

On… plastic boxes get too much.

First we heard:

### ODT Online Wed, 2 Dec 2009
Rubbish costs set to double
By David Loughrey
Dunedin residents will have two recycling bins if the latest city council “preferred option” is adopted.
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Council responses to the question posed by ODT – ‘why the cost had increased so much with no extra service and better sorted waste’ – suggest the Council is over exposed to prices contractors might set through the tender process. The conditions attached to the successful tender bid had better be positively demanding!

Then, momentously, the bad news got closer:

### ODT Online Sat, 5 Dec 2009
Two-crate recycling adopted
By Hamish McNeilly
A recycling crate with a lid has been adopted by the Dunedin City Council, but how much it will cost and even its final colour have yet to be determined.
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From the sublime to the ridiculous.
I’m not sure if that’s a description of DCC or myself.

I protest. I won’t have another recycling bin on my property and if served one, it will be trashed. In preference I’ll continue with the black bags and blue bin (for glass) only – and not recycle most of my household waste, which is not great.

I submitted to Council that while in favour of recycling my apartment can’t take another bin, and certainly not a wheelie bin. Well, they seem to have got the second point.

The two-bin system (about to be adopted by Council) altogether constitutes another piece of furniture my apartment can’t take. Further, they are unsightly, made of plastic and something to trip over. External storage of bins on a tight property of six apartments is not possible. I suggested to Council that the small-home owner or apartment dweller might prefer using the blue bin to recycle different waste products (glass one week; plastics, cardboard, paper and aluminium the next) since the total output of waste is relatively minor each month; besides, people should be able to customise kerbside recycling services according to their need, given there is a wide variance across Dunedin. The design of the yellow bin featured in the ODT doesn’t look to be stackable with the blue bin. What the hell is Council up to? All this and a likely doubling in price of collections.

So I’m abandoning ship. Black bags and (note my generous concession) glass recycling using the existing blue bin is all I’m going to do. The cost of my occasional use of black bags (despite price increases) is neither here nor there if, logically, the preference is my convenience not Council’s. As it should be.

My existing eco-footprint is very very small – the deliberate concessions I’ve made to live inner city are easily more than most residents would ever achieve living in the city suburbs or countryside. Why throw more plastic at me, DCC.
(the stadium is a plastic-coated box too far already)

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