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Reminder to DVML | Annual cost for Stadium stings renters ratepayers $25M

16.12.15 ODT: Concerts a $20m bonus
International promoters are eyeing Dunedin for regular sell-out concerts after Forsyth Barr Stadium delivered strong ticket sales and a nearly $20 million boost to the city’s economy […] DVML chief executive Terry Davies said the results showed the stadium was delivering on “two key drivers” – delivering economic benefits and a boost to the city’s pride.

Comment at ODT Online:

Stadium economic dis-benefit
Submitted by JimmyJones on Mon, 21/12/2015 – 8:15pm.

DVML claims an economic benefit to Dunedin of $19.7 million for the concerts held this year. Economic benefit figures are notoriously exaggerated, especially when they are provided by someone whose reputation is at stake.

Anyway, it is misleading to claim a $20 million boost to the Dunedin economy without mentioning the annual $25 million (aprox.) cost to renters and ratepayers to fund the stadium. This is a net drain on the local economy and something Mr Davies and Mayor Cull should be ashamed of.

Also, almost none of the citizens forced to pay for this financial disaster receive any financial benefit from this so-called economic benefit – this is a wealth transfer, with a few businesses benefiting greatly at the expense of all the citizens of the city – the many suffer, to benefit the few. On the whole the stadium continues to be a millstone around the neck of Dunedin’s economy.


Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

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*Images: fubar stadium, Dunedin


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Thoughts on Sprey

Funny, when the whole “promoters don’t like it” red herring was thrown up middle last year, I was taken by how incredibly short sighted many were on this. When the hell have Kiwis ever been told by 1-2 people that they can’t do something – was there a shift in the Kiwi psyche happening?

Then comes the news from the Otago Daily Times today that the promoter critic of the stadium is working to get the first big act into the stadium.

“Dunedin’s new stadium could host a major international act and several smaller concerts every year, with three to four acts having already expressed interest in the stadium, “

Of course I had some ideas as to what was going on at the time, and it seems that they may have borne some fruit. Because nothing has changed between then and now except the certainty that the stadium is to be built, and the very real possibility that some other promoter might get in first.

My initial reaction was that they were protecting their own ‘Patch” ie Wgtn, and it would appear there seems to be something in this.

I also had concerns over his comments about getting acts to Dunedin (as echoed ad nauseam by ‘anti’ folk here) but suddenly this doesn’t seem to be such an issue. Sure it’s not going to be the easiest thing in the world, but obviously he doesn’t see it as such a big hurdle as some, as he wouldn’t be working on bringing acts to the lower south.

There was no talk of too small a population, no talk of not the right equipment, none of the defeatist stuff. The promoter with the biggest potential losses (as demonstrated by his Heavy Metal Easter event in wgtn) doesn’t see these as issues for concerts big and smaller to be at our stadium.

The other events promoter at the CST media briefing, “Mr Goldsmith said the stadium would be the only covered entertainment venue of its size in the southern hemisphere.

It also turns out that the roofed stadium is also an asset to holding concerts at the stadium, lights etc can be hung from it.

Sprey went on to say “Dunedin can attract the big concerts”. Really, I thought you told us it can’t, could it be it can, and it will so you want part of the money that will be involved?

But at the end of it all, the dear old ODT still allows the stupid to hang themselves with their comments – and good luck to them too.

Submitted by MikeStk on Wed, 13/05/2009 – 11:51am.
So he needs 54,000 attendees to break even – that’s half of Dunedin’s population – but the stadium seats something under 30,000 …. oops!

You arrogant stupid man, this was 54,000 for the TWO concerts, not one. Westpac stadium doesn’t hold 54,000 it has roughly the same capacity as ours will have, and sorry but Ozzy, Kiss and Alice Cooper have a rather narrow appeal, even if it were held in West Auckland it would have struggled to fill a stadium there.

I was accused of ringing the ‘build it and they will come bell’, when I first questioned the motives for their original negative comments, seems that bell is well in tune, and they are coming.

Good on the CST for holding this press conference, they have been criticised for not doing enough of this public information work, not that it satisfies everyone, MichaelA (David’s twin brother?), this public information is now labelled brainwashing. I guess there’s just no pleasing anyone.

Again, full story in the ODT Online


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