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Stadium: ‘Business case for DVML temporary seating purchase’

Roger Clark [odt.co.nz reimaged] 2Information supplied.

Two historical LGOIMA requests about the so-called business case for the temporary seating at Forsyth Barr Stadium.

And a quick look at Roger Clark, general manager for The Highlanders.

The Vice-Chancellor needs to be careful who she gets into bed with.

From: Bev Butler
Sent: Tuesday, 20 December 2011 03:44 p.m.
To: Sandy Graham [DCC]
Subject: LGOIMA request: Business case for the DVML temporary seating purchase

Wednesday 21st December 2011

Dear Sandy

At the Finance, Strategy and Development committee meeting last Monday 12th December 2011, questions were asked by Cr Lee Vandervis about the $1.4m loan DVML received re the temporary seating purchase.
David Davies, CEO of DVML, mentioned a business case had been prepared for this purchase. I requested a copy from DVML but David Davies suggested I request a copy from the DCC.
Therefore, I request an electronic copy of the document containing the business case.

Yours sincerely
Bev Butler

From: Sandy Graham [DCC]
To: Bev Butler
Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2012 15:16:05 +1200
Subject: RE: LGOIMA request: Business case for the DVML temporary seating purchase

Dear Bev

Please find attached the document that as best I can determine, is the business case for the purchase of the temporary seating.


Document download: tempseats


Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2012 08:33:59 +1200
Subject: FW: LGOIMA request: Business case for the DVML temporary seating purchase
From: Lee Vandervis
To: Bev Butler

Ta Bev,

FYI as below,

—— Forwarded Message
From: Lee Vandervis
Date: Fri, 06 Apr 2012 08:32:42 +1200
To: Sandy Graham [DCC], David Davies [DVML]
Conversation: LGOIMA request: Business case for the DVML temporary seating purchase
Subject: FW: LGOIMA request: Business case for the DVML temporary seating purchase

Hi Sandy, David,

I have asked the question as to whether Warbirds are using the seating this year, and told apparently not.
Can you confirm that the seating has definitely not been used, and if possible why it has not been used.

Kind regards,


From: Bev Butler
To: Lee Vandervis
Subject: RE: LGOIMA request: Business case for the DVML temporary seating purchase
Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2012 09:07:49 +1200

Hi Lee

Interesting that the Warbirds are not using the seating.
When I received the business plan yesterday, the first thing I thought of was to ask for the invoice from the Warbirds to see if the $177,000 matched up.
From your query below it sounds like they are not using the seating at all.
Note on the business case I sent you it states the source of the Warbirds information is R. Clark, Warbirds CEO.
It could be interesting to contact him and ask if he had made a commitment to use the seating.
Alternatively, ask DCC/DVML what sort of commitment was in place when DVML used the $177,000 for their business case.



[Roger Clark and Highlanders]

From: Bev Butler
To: Lee Vandervis
Subject: FW: LGOIMA request: Business case for the DVML temporary seating purchase
Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2012 09:55:41 +1200

Hi Lee

Just did a google search on Roger Clark.
He is the CEO of Warbirds over Wanaka:
email roger @ warbirdsoverwanaka.co.nz
Ph 0274 301 389
How about giving him a call?
He was also re-appointed as CEO of Rugby Southland in 2008 until Dec 2011 but departed prior to 9/12/10.
He is also the General Manager of The Highlanders.
It was reported in The Southland Times on 9/12/10 “The Rugby Southland Union owes money to various businesses, including its major funder the Invercargill Licensing Trust where the booze tab is believed to be more than $100,000.”



[Roger Clark appointments with Highlanders]

Project manager
14.5.10 ODT Rugby: Highlanders get NZRU help

General manager
11.10.10 Stuff Sport Roger Clark appointed Highlanders GM


[Roger Clark and Southland Rugby Union]

Southland Times:

9.12.10 Rugby Southland still losing money
[Excerpts] Since then The Southland Times has learned the union owes money to various businesses, including its major funder the Invercargill Licensing Trust where the booze tab is believed to be more than $100,000.
Departed Rugby Southland boss Roger Clark said the union had operated at a loss this year but everyone would be paid in the coming weeks, which always happened at this time of the year, he said.
Clark said the board had budgeted for a $200,000 loss this year to ensure the Stags would be a competitive unit in such a big year.
It is expected the loss will be bigger than that $200,000 mark when it is revealed at next year’s general meeting in April.

1.1.11 Southland rugby union runs out of cash
Rugby Southland is broke after a season of overspending. The union owes about $700,000 to creditors, with no ability to pay, and is forecasting a deficit between $350,000 and $478,000 for the 2010 financial year.

23.3.11 $1.5 million bailout for Rugby Southland

30.4.13 Income decline sets back union recovery
A major reduction in sponsorship dollars and gate takings had Rugby Southland scrambling last year to avoid another financial disaster.
In 2012, Rugby Southland lost more than $800,000 in sponsorship revenue, $230,000 in gate takings and $611,000 in grants.

18.11.13 Stadium takeover is costly for city
Saving the home of the Southland Stags comes with a hefty price tag for ratepayers.

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

*Image: odt.co.nz – Roger Clark, re-imaged by Whatifdunedin


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Fairfax NZ News at Dunedin

Following the closure of DScene, Fairfax Media has confirmed the establishment of a Fairfax NZ News bureau position in Dunedin.

Former DScene reporter Wilma McCorkindale has been appointed to the role and has already begun filing Otago stories to the Stuff website and national newspapers.

McCorkindale can be contacted on 027 667 7912
Email: wilma dot mccorkindale at fairfaxmedia dot co dot nz

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10.5.13 DScene, staying power . . .

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DScene, staying power . . .

DScene 8-5-13 (screenshot detail) 1[screenshot]

DScene could fall victim to the disease rabidly attacking the Fairfax Media conglomerate. How to deal with the local monopoly, should the war have been fought online, not on paper.

### ODT Online Fri, 10 May 2013
D-Scene newspaper may close
Dunedin community newspaper D-Scene may be ceasing publication after five years. The Fairfax Media-owned The Press reported yesterday a proposal to close the weekly publication, a subsidiary of The Southland Times.
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### 3news.co.nz Fri, 10 May 2013 11:03a.m.
Dunedin’s D-Scene paper tipped to close
By Thomas Mead, Online Reporter
Fairfax Media is considering ending the popular Dunedin community newspaper D-Scene, putting eight jobs at risk. The media conglomerate has put a proposal to staff and is now deciding the fate of the weekly publication in a two-week consultation period with those affected. Southland Times general manager Sue Gregory is declining to comment until the consultation period is over, but confirmed the initiative was underway. D-Scene was purchased by Fairfax Media in September 2008, but is in a competitive environment, up against the well-read Otago Daily Times and weekly The Star.
3news Link

[This too, gives pause . . .]

### NZ Herald Online 5:30 AM Friday May 3, 2013
John Drinnan: Local history shipped out
History has a price and New Zealand’s photographic history is being shipped to Little Rock, Arkansas. Veteran sports photographer Peter Bush is shocked by Fairfax Media’s decision to sell its newspaper photo archive to an American firm. Fairfax has told Auckland staff it will be shipping photo archives for most of its Australian and New Zealand newspapers to the Rogers Photo Archive, a company based in Little Rock. The company will send back digital versions of the photos, but will keep the original prints, including photos of Sir Edmund Hillary.
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[2008, remember the Smiths back then . . .]

### stuff.co.nz Last updated 13:59 09/09/2008
Fairfax buying Dunedin community paper D-Scene
Dunedin community newspaper D-Scene looks set to join the Fairfax stable with the media giant announcing it is in the final stages of buying it. A spin-off from Queenstown’s Mountain Scene, the paper was set up earlier this year in a market dominated by long-time incumbent, the Otago Daily Times.
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### nbr.co.nz Tuesday September 09, 2008
Fairfax buys a lemon
By Mitchell Hall
Fairfax media’s decision to buy Dunedin’s struggling free weekly newspaper D Scene has one competitor sniffing that there’s no business case for the purchase – given how much money it is said to have been losing. The Otago Daily Times is the oldest newspaper in the country – and one of the last independent newspapers not owned by APN or Fairfax. The ODT’s business manager (and Allied Press director), Nick Smith, says a large editorial team designed D Scene with the Otago Daily Times in their sights. “The Otago Daily Times was seen (by them) to be an old and staid paper circulating in a one horse town. “They decided that the ODT was something that – according to their sales people – was a relic from the past, and they were smart boys who’d done all this research and they can take the town over.”
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