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DCC rates increase, despicable 3.8%

### dunedintv.co.nz June 29, 2015 – 6:09pm
DCC to raise rates for the coming financial year
A rates rise is being implemented by the city council for the coming financial year. The council’s just adopted its long term plan, which sets out rates. That’s resulting in a 3.8% increase for the 2015/16 financial year, starting on Wednesday. The council previously set itself a 3% limit on annual rates increases, but big ticket items like the proposed Mosgiel swimming pool have put pressure on councillors.
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### ODT Online Mon, 29 Jun 2015
Long term plan to be decided
By David Loughrey
The Dunedin City Council will sit today to decide on a long term plan that should result in a 3.8% rates rise when rates are set for the next financial year. What Mayor Dave Cull called “a bloody big agenda” will include debate on the Government’s Remuneration Authority review of councillors’ pay, under which Mr Cull’s pay will rise in the new financial year by 2.9% to $150,150, and councillors’ up 7.3% to $54,500.
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Agenda – Council – 29/06/2015 (PDF, 124.3 KB)

Report – Council – 29/06/2015 (PDF, 1.2 MB)
Setting of Rates for 2015/16 Financial Year

Report – Council – 29/06/2015 (PDF, 96.4 KB)
Adoption of the 2015/16 – 2024/25 Long Term Plan

Report – Council – 29/06/2015 (PDF, 6.5 MB)
Adoption of the 2015/16 – 2024/25 Long Term Plan – Introduction, Sections 1 and 2

Report – Council – 29/06/2015 (PDF, 14.6 MB)
Adoption of the 2015/16 – 2024/25 Long Term Plan – Sections 3 – 7

Report – Council – 29/06/2015 (PDF, 421.8 KB)
Management Report on the Audit of the LTP Consultation Document

Other Council Reports

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DCC Draft Annual Plan 2014/15 Submissions due by 15 April

### ODT Online Fri, 11 Apr 2014
Draft budget feedback pretty good: council
By Chris Morris
The Dunedin City Council says feedback on its draft budget has been “pretty good” despite some disappointing turnouts at public meetings in recent weeks. The council concluded a series of eight public meetings and drop-in sessions with a discussion of cycleway and road-widening work on Otago Peninsula at the Edgar Centre on Tuesday night.
Public submissions on the council’s 2014-15 draft annual plan were “flooding in now” and had reached 427 by late yesterday, council corporate planner Jane Nevill said. That was well above the 262 submissions received by the council on its 2013-14 draft budget.
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The draft annual plan sets out the Council’s proposed annual budgets and performance measures for 2014/15 and updates the information for the 2014/15 year that in contained in the Council’s ten year plan or Long Term Plan (LTP) which was put in place last year.
Please tell DCC whether you agree or disagree with spending priorities for 2014/15 outlined in the draft plan by making a submission.
The consultation period is your opportunity to “Have Your Say” about what you want to see included in the Council’s plans.

Submissions close at 5pm, Tuesday 15 April 2014.
Timeframes and Meeting times

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D Scene is back fighting! . . . South Dunedin Library rumours

UNCONFIRMED: The Dunedin City Council has acquired Postshop and Pact buildings in King Edward Street

A superb centrally located site for the library!

### D Scene 19-1-11
Turning the page (cover story)
The much debated South Dunedin Library project has moved a step closer, with Dunedin City Council understood to have arranged a deal for two King Edward St properties. #bookmark

Library site pinpointed (page 3)
By Wilma McCorkindale
A site for a new South Dunedin library has been negotiated. The DCC is beliveved to have signed on the dotted line, unconfirmed reports say. The library will be constructed on the site of the current South Dunedin Postshop and the neighbouring former Salvation Army building. Both buildings are owned by the Pact Group, an organisation that supports people with intellectual difficulties or recovering from mental illness. Neither Dunedin City Council property manager Robert Clark nor Pact chief executive officer Louise Carr could be contacted for comment.

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D Scene – South Dunedin library, Hillside, RWC 2011

### D Scene 26-5-10

Former councillor welcomes news (page 5)
News that negotiations for a potential site for the South Dunedin library are all but finalised has been welcomed by former St Kilda councillor Anne Turvey.

Turvey said the issue is greater than that of the simple provision of a library.

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Talk: Dunedin on Dunedin (page 8)
Your say: Letters to the editor
Give New Zealand workshops a go by Stuart McKenzie, Dunedin
In a dream world by Jimmy Jones, Caversham

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Details: The finer points (pages 9 -10)
South in a spin
By Mike Houlahan
Planning is already well in train to make sure Rugby World Cup 2011 will be about more than just the games. Rugby World Cup chief executive Martin Snedden is, naturally, taking a keen interest in whether Dunedin is ready to host its allotted Rugby World Cup games next year. But it is the combined promotional campaign devised by Otago and Southland councils and tourism organisations that has got him really excited.

“Have you seen the Spin It Wide DVD?”

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Biz: Crunching the numbers (pages 12-13)
Light at the end of tunnel?
KiwiRail’s Hillside workshop is a hive of activity right now, but remains a shadow of its former self. Mike Houlahan considers the past, present and future of a Dunedin landmark. Amid the smashes and the clashes that are KiwiRail’s Hillside Workshops hard at work, it’s easy to forget that the workforce at the South Dunedin institution is about 10 per cent of what it once was.

Today, Hillside employs 185 staff. A few decades ago, when rail was the dominant means of moving freight and people around New Zealand, more than a thousand people worked at Hillside, building and maintaining locomotives and carriages.

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Scarfie: Life on campus (page 19)
Audacious winners: Design Studies students do well in entrepreneur competition
Designing a future
By Gavin Bertram
Last week the ten winners of the NBR 24/7 Audacious Business Idea Competition were announced, and four were from Design Studies. That’s not a bad return from the University of Otago department that is soon for the chop – an irony not lost on the students.
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DScene – Public libraries, Hillside Workshops, stadium, pools

### DScene 19-5-10
Book it in (page 1)
The long-awaited South Dunedin Library looks to be on the horizon, with Dunedin City Council coming closer to a final deal on a site. See page 3. #bookmark

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Harsh economic lesson taught at Hillside (page 2)
Dunedin was taught a brutal economic lesson last week, when KiwiRail confirmed its preliminary view that it would not tender for its own contract to build railcarriages and engines for Auckland.
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Council set to finalise deal (page 3)
By Wilma McCorkindale
Dunedin City Council is about to finalise a deal on a potential location for the South Dunedin library. City property manager Robert Clark, who has been negotiating with an undisclosed vendor, said he expected to secure a site for the proposed library in the next three weeks to a month.
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Factory staff uncertain of future (page 3)
By Mike Houlahan
Work programmes at KiwiRail’s Hillside workshops are decided for the next two years, but the 185 staff employed there remain unsure what will happen after the factory’s current contracts end.
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Snedden checks stadium progress (page 5)
By Mike Houlahan
Rugby World Cup chief executive Martin Snedden has been checking progress on the construction of the Forsyth Barr at University Plaza stadium as his top priority for his visit to Dunedin this Friday. Snedden’s Dunedin visit is the latest in a series of excursions around the country, to the various towns and cities hosting Rugby World Cup matches.
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Raising the roof (page 5)
The 398 tonne, 130m long roof truss for the Forsyth Barr multi-purpose roofed stadium in Dunedin, was lifted 35m into the sky at the weekend. The challenging five-hour operation could only be achieved in spcific weather conditions.
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The Rugby World Cup itself, the Webb Ellis Cup, will be on show in Dunedin on Friday. TVNZ’s Breakfast weather presenter Tamati Coffey is touring the country, and will be broadcast live from the Art Gallery in the Octagon, from 6.30-8.30am. Two pool game ticket packs will be given away to the best dressed rugby fan.


Talk: Dunedin on Dunedin (page 8)
Your say: Letters to the editor
Landmark to the rich by Harvey Kong Tin, South Dunedin
Stadium issues by Lee Vandervis, Roslyn

Details: The finer points (page 10)
Library plot twist
By Wilma McCorkindale
A sudden plot twist last week has mystified readers of the continuing mystery entitled “Where will Dunedin’s new public library be built?” The main character in the story, the former Dunedin Chief Post Office building in the Exchange, had loomed as the most likely suspect in this “where-will-we-do-it” saga. But the plot thickened last week after the building was sold to another buyer whose four-star hotel plans mean the city’s books must find accommodation somewhere else.
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Library needs overhaul according to report (page 11)
In its report to the council in December 2005, Octa backed [Dunedin Public Libraries chief librarian] Bernie Hawke on the need for a South Dunedin library but also said that the Dunedin Public Library needed to be redeveloped. The library building, tucked in behind the staircased Dunedin Civic Centre, was designed in the 1970s and built in 1981.
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Little library needs a helping hand (page 11)
After almost a century of people borrowing from its shelves, St Kilda Community Library is asking folk to lend it a hand. It is looking to boost a small six-strong team of volunteer librarians, its dwindling membership, and its stack of titles, library committee president Gillian Lemon said.
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Taking shape (page 12)
By Mike Houlahan
A year into Hillside Engineering’s newest contract, workers can begin to see the finished product take shape. Well, one-third of it anyway. This week the KiwiRail-operated workshop unveiled its latest work in progress, carriages for the sightseeing trains the TranzCoastal and the TranzAlpine.
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Game: Beyond the scoreboard (page 20)
Pool problems
Dunedin’s pools are a success story, with the four main council-managed pools racking up three quarters of a million visits in the 2008/09 financial year. However, all that glitters isn’t gold. Huge demand by casual and fitness swimmers for their turn in the city’s pools has in turn limited access to the water for competitive swimmers and pool sports such as water polo.
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A recent report commissioned by the Dunedin City Council on pool services suggested a three-pronged strategy: upgrades at Moana and St Clair pools, new business practices, and a new pool at Mosgiel and a new inner city training pool.

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