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DIA —poor job as gambling regulator

The costs of regulation outweigh revenue from fees by $9 million a year.

### NZ Herald Online 5:00 AM Monday Mar 9, 2015
Breaches by pokie operators spark fee increase
By Nicholas Jones
Half of all inspections of pubs and clubs with pokie machines identify breaches or non-compliance with the law. Fees paid by pokie operators are to be increased as levels of fraud and other breaches challenge the Government’s ability to police the sector. Internal Affairs Minister Peter Dunne is overseeing consultation on proposals that will increase fees paid by clubs and pubs with gambling machines by 54 per cent.

DIA, SFO and the Organised Financial Crime Agency NZ scrutinised $30 million in gaming grants made by trusts including Bluegrass. Bluegrass’ licence was cancelled after the DIA ruled its start-up funding was sourced from three racing clubs, rather than from South Canterbury Finance, as claimed.

The past three years have seen an increase in complex investigations into fraud and illegal activity at clubs and societies with pokies. That, and the declining number of pokie machines, has put severe financial pressure on the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA). Gambling enforcement is funded through fees paid by gambling operators.
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DCC + former CPO + others(??) = a public library (yeah right)


Yawn…there’s better uses for the building, even if a library would draw people to the (stultifying) Exchange area. The Exchange deserves to be a place of greater vitality, but a library here and not at the centre of town and not at South Dunedin… At least they’re doing feasibility. And a joint venture makes a lot of sense, this is a big building… is ORC no longer in the picture, or is it one of the collaborators – remember Mayor Chin wrote another letter recently…

### Channel 9 Online July 20, 2009 – 7:17pm
Possible Relocation Of The Moray Place Library
Mayor Peter Chin announced today the Dunedin City Council has signed a joint venture feasibility agreement to explore the possible relocation of the Moray Place Library to the old Chief Post Office building. Chin says the study, will take up to six months and will test if the building meets the library’s requirements and also evaluate possible uses for the current library building.
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On July 16, 2009 at 7:32 am Anon said:
Tremain should have fun with the fact that we now own the old Post Office too, deal signed two days ago. Link

Upgrade Anon’s theory of a purchase to the deal mentioned at Channel 9, and look for more information in tomorrow’s ODT.


### ODT Online Tue, 21 Jul 2009
Exchange plan for library
By David Loughrey and Rebecca Fox
The Dunedin City Council ended weeks of speculation when it confirmed yesterday it would investigate moving the Dunedin city library to the former chief post office building in the Exchange. Mayor Peter Chin announced the council had signed a joint venture feasibility agreement with building owner South Canterbury Finance to “investigate the CPO’s potential”.
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### ODT Online Tue, 21 Jul 2009
Library plan welcomed in Exchange
By David Loughrey
Businesses in the Exchange in Dunedin are pleased with the idea of a having a library in their midst, expecting a resulting increase in foot traffic to bolster trade, if the plan reaches fruition.
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The former Chief Post Office…
I’ve done a computer search and find I have 160 files relating to the building – some to do with a nomination to upgrade the building’s NZHPT registration from Cat II to Cat I (dated 17/8/02). The nomination proposal received a lot of debate but in the end, and rightly, the NZHPT Board (national) declined to change the classification while the building was up for redevelopment. Nevertheless, through the exercise we produced a dossier of handy information. I had the NZHPT Otago Branch Committee commission a freelance heritage researcher, Heather Bauchop, for the work, with assistance from NZHPT’s McKay Bequest Fund. Heather is currently employed in the Dunedin office as Heritage Advisor – Registration. The following link is how the final nomination sat (in the now outdated format) for a registration upgrade…

█ Download: Dunedin CPO Nomination FINAL 17-8-02

I’m not sure if the file has changed since, but certainly nothing else has been attempted on the registration front. NZHPT’s Otago Southland Area Office at Dunedin holds the complete property file and the registration file, parts of which can be viewed at the office upon request.

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