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DCC issues shoddy treatment to Caledonian Bowling Club

223 Andersons Bay Road [DCC webmap]223 Andersons Bay Road [DCC webmap – click to enlarge]

Dunedin City Council loves PROFESSIONAL RUGBY more.
The Council wants to sell 223 Andersons Bay Road. The property is leased to the Caledonian Bowling Club; the 20-year lease expired in 2012 and has been renewed annually since. “The 2013 accounts of the bowling club would be the envy of most social and sporting clubs in Dunedin.” (Harry Love)
Here’s the collide with Forsyth Barr Stadium and dire opportunity cost. South Dunedin loses again. Venal thinking on the part of the Council.

Supplied. ODT 6.8.14 (page 25)
ODT 6.8.14 Letters to the editor Adie p25

The Caledonian Bowling Club and its associated social hub should not be a casualty of the Dunedin City Council’s squeeze on debt, writes Harry Love, of Dunedin.

### ODT Online Wed, 16 Jul 2014
Community institution feels the pinch
By Harry Love
There is a fat bird in the Dunedin City Council nest that swallows most of the food and, no doubt quite unaware that it does so, pushes some of the smaller, skinnier chicks out altogether. […] The question, like all political questions, is one of priorities. I propose, then, to describe the impending demise of one victim of the newcomer’s voracity and to raise some questions about the priorities the DCC, as guardians of the nest, might consider. […] Firstly, the DCC is burdened with large debt, a fair proportion of which is attributable to the Forsyth Barr Stadium and which it is commendably searching for ways to reduce. Secondly, while there is no direct or formal link between stadium costs, as such, and individual victims of the DCC’s need to retire debt, it is indisputable that, in the fiscal space available, small and apparently unimportant entities are pushed out by the big one.
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█ More comments including news and video at Rugby stadiums not filling #SkyTV (from 16 July).

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If the ball gets dropped #markthal

Updated post Thu, 5 Feb 2015 at 3:17 p.m.

New use for fubar stadium, ok – joke! . . .

Rotterdam Market Hall by MVRDV-01 [aasarchitecture.com]Rotterdam Market Hall [supermodulor.com]

MVRDVrotterdam Uploaded on 15 May 2009
MVRDV Market Hall Rotterdam (animation by Wieland & Gouwens)
New public market for Rotterdam, Netherlands, sheltered by an arch of 219 apartments in the centre of Rotterdam. Client is Provast, expected completion in 2014.

Kanaal van Provast Uploaded on Nov 22, 2009
Introfilm Markthal Rotterdam – De eerste Markthal van Nederland
Music: “Dogstar (Instrumental)” by Hybrid (Google Play • iTunes • eMusic)
[includes abstracted site history]

### worldarchitecturenews.com Thursday 19 Nov 2009
Archway to the future: Rotterdam Market Hall, Rotterdam, Netherlands
First ground was broken this week (18 November) at the site of the new €175 million Rotterdam Market, representing the beginnings of a new hybrid social hub. The mayor of Rotterdam, Ahmed Aboutleb and city councillor Hamit Karakus were on site to commence the construction of the monolithic 100,000 sq m public market and apartment building, designed by MVRDV.
Once complete in 2014 the market will be a giant cavernous archway in the centre of post-war Rotterdam, situated near the historic Laurens church. 228 apartments over ten upper levels will engulf the market void and overlook 100 stalls from interior windows. Each apartment will also feature a balcony on the exterior connecting the project with the community from all angles. The two lower levels of the archway will be used as public space introducing shops and restaurants. Together with an underground supermarket, 1200 parking spaces and 102 of the apartments developed as rental properties, the project is expressed as a social integration in the centre of Rotterdam.
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adjofilm Published on May 25, 2014
NETHERLANDS – Europe – ROTTERDAM – Market Hall Construction Day 2014
Building the new Market Hall in Rotterdam is almost completed. The art work on the walls and the ceiling is claimed to be the largest piece of art in the world. Private homes are build in the walls and in the ceiling. Additionally there are 4 underground levels with shops and car parks. The size of the inner space of the hall is 40 m high, 60 m wide and 120 m long.

Sander Sloots Published on Oct 1, 2014
Markthal in Rotterdam is open (Market Hall – Food Court) MVRDV
The Market Hall in Rotterdam is now open. It is design by architect and urban design practice MVRDV. The art work at the ceiling is designed by Arno Coenen and is called Horn of Plenty. Due to this artwork the Market Hall was nicknamed as the Sistine Chapel of Rotterdam.
Under the market floor there is also a supermarket (Albert Heijn) and an underground car park of four floors.

Visit www.mvrdv.nl for more information about the complex.
You can also follow MVRDV on Twitter and Facebook : “MVRDV Rotterdam”.

Rotterdam Market Hall [mobilis.nl]Rotterdam Market Hall [mvrdv.nl]Rotterdam Market Hall [afasiaarq.blogspot.com].jpgRotterdam Market Hall [detail-online.com]Rotterdam Market Hall [drupa.com]Rotterdam Market Hall [markthalrotterdam.nl]Rotterdam Market Hall market floor plan [archdaily.net]Rotterdam Market Hall plan section [markthalrotterdam.nl]

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Images: Markthal Rotterdam by MVRDV – (from top) aasarchitecture.com, supermodulor.com; mobilis.nl, mvrdv.nl, afasiaarq.blogspot.com, detail-online.com, drupa.com, markthalrotterdam.nl; market floor plan – archdaily.net; building section – markthalrotterdam.nl


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