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Goodbye to great store buildings in Parry St

Which ones, you ask???

We’re told that the Shaw Savill store is due for demolition in September this year, to make way for the realignment of SH88 around the stadium.

Shaw Savill & Albion Co Wool Store - Parry Street c.1960 [The Fletcher Trust Archive] thumbnailThumbnail: Shaw Savill & Albion Co Wool Store, Parry Street. The Fletcher Trust Archive.

Photo: http://www.fclarchives.co.nz/item.php?id=30060

We hear “they might retain a wall or some other remnant among the landscaping, so maybe this at least could be encouraged”.

“The brick building next door by architect Henry McDowell Smith for Fletchers looks as though it will stay, although it has been vacated by Downer Engineering in the past week, so there is some uncertainty regarding its future.”

Fletcher Holdings Offices, Parry Street c.1950 [The Fletcher Trust Archive] thumbnailThumbnail: Fletcher Holdings Offices, Parry Street. The Fletcher Trust Archive.

Photo: http://www.fclarchives.co.nz/item.php?id=33710

In my submission to the proposed Notice of Requirement [‘for a designation’] for the proposed realignment of SH88, heard at the same time as the Stadium Plan Change, I successfully sought that historic heritage should be recorded and photographed prior to any demolition and copies of the information lodged with Hocken Collections and NZHPT. The hearing commissioners made this a condition of the NoR.

Is DCC taking care to hire the appropriate professional to do this recording work…
This week I start checking with the local authority.

By legal definition, just because a building with heritage values isn’t listed in the Dunedin City District Plan (Schedule 25.1) or registered by New Zealand Historic Places Trust does not mean it isn’t historic heritage.

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