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NZX Market Supervision inquiry

“I needed a wee bit of extra cash at the time so I was happy to sell. It’s a free market – anyone can buy, anyone can sell. That’s what markets are for, aren’t they?” –Eion Edgar

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NZX probes nether regions
By Tim Hunter
OPINION Forsyth Barr chairman Sir Eion Edgar says an NZX inquiry into potential share trading anomalies at market minnow Blis Technologies is making “a mountain out of a molehill. […] It was just straightforward arbitrage.”

NZX says it has spotted potential anomalous trading in Blis shares and among the traders was a company associated with Edgar, the molehill starts to look quite a bit bigger. Without beating about the bush, the issue being discussed here is whether market manipulation took place.

The NZX said the following on Friday just over a week ago: “NZX Market Supervision (NZXMS) confirms that it has commenced an inquiry into trading in shares of BLIS Technologies Limited (BLT). NZXMS initiated the inquiry after its Market Surveillance staff detected potentially anomalous trades in BLT shares during the period when the price for the conversion of cumulative preference shares to ordinary shares was being determined. The conversion occurred on 8 May 2012. NZXMS believes it is in the interests of market clarity and confidence to confirm this action.”
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