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Dunedin ratepayers —Green Island best site for city pool users #Mosgielfarce


The best option is to upgrade and maintain the existing Mosgiel Pool, rather than give Taieri (sprawl) housing speculator-developers and main street businessmen a pool to help their privateering (and professional rugby/training connections). Larger numbers of rate-paying Dunedin residents will benefit from a long-term (funded) aquatic centre sited at Green Island. However, the Stadium is still costing ratepayers +$20 million per annum…..

It looks like Greater Dunedin, through the Mayor and MacTavish, are keen to foster the Mosgiel proposal as a vote catcher in next year’s local body elections.

Dunedin City Council – Media Release
Feedback Sought on Mosgiel Pool Options

This item was published on 23 Jul 2015

Consultation opens today on four shortlisted sites for a new aquatic centre in Mosgiel….

Over the next fortnight, the Dunedin City Council, in partnership with the Taieri Community Facilities Trust, is seeking community feedback on the four sites. One of the options is to use the existing pool site on Gordon Road and the other three options are different locations within Memorial Park and the Mosgiel Memorial Gardens.
Since the Council decided to allocate a placeholder of $6 million for the project in the Long Term Plan 2015/16 to 2024/25, work has begun to progress investigations around the proposed facility. The first step of these investigations involves identifying a preferred site.
The work is being led by a steering group, comprised of three Councillors, three Trust members and a member of the Mosgiel community. The group has been given the mandate to work to develop the proposal to the point where there is a preferred site, plans and costings for a new aquatic centre in Mosgiel. These stages are to be reported back to the Council by 30 October.
Mosgiel Aquatic Facility Steering Group Chair Cr Jinty MacTavish says the four sites out for consultation have been shortlisted by the steering group from identified options, including those in the original feasibility study.

“Site selection is an important part of the design process. We’re looking forward to hearing the community’s thoughts on the site they think would be best.”

The DCC is working with the Trust to ensure the reports needed for Council decisions are completed on time. Trust Chair Irene Mosley says, “The community gave a very clear indication during the Long Term Plan process that they wanted a new pool facility in Mosgiel. Now that the DCC has allocated some funding for this project we need to go back to the community and make sure they have the opportunity to comment on the shortlisted sites.”

Feedback must be received by Friday, 7 August.

For more information and to fill in a questionnaire visit http://www.dunedin.govt.nz/mosgielpool-consultation or http://www.poolingtogether.org.nz. Hard copy information is also available at the Mosgiel Library and Service Centre

Contact Cr Jinty MacTavish, Chair, Mosgiel Aquatic Facility Steering Group on 027 277 5631. DCC Link

█ Someone else to YELL at besides Jinty Mactavish:
Irene Mosley
Chair, Taieri Community Facilities Trust [aka Pooling Together]
Phone 021 231 9197

Taieri Aquatic Centre —proposal [Images: Baker Garden Architects]Pool 4Pool 2Pool 5Pool 6Pool 7

Correspondence received.
Thu, 23 Jul 2015 at 12:20 p.m.

From: Bev Butler
To: Lee Vandervis, Dave Cull, David Benson-Pope, Hilary Calvert, John Bezett, Doug Hall, Aaron Hawkins, Mike Lord, Jinty MacTavish, Andrew Noone, Neville Peat, Chris Staynes, Richard Thomson, Andrew Whiley, Kate Wilson
Sent: Thursday, 23 July 2015 11:05 AM
Subject: LTAP and Mosgiel Pool

Dear Mayor Cull and Councillors

I recently received a copy of the LTAP and noticed on page 166 of the new LTAP, Aquatic Services new Capital Expenditure: Mosgiel Pool $410,000 in 2016/17 and $14.478 million in 2018/19.

However, when referencing the ODT report on 22 May 2015:
It is reported:
“Council allocated a placeholder budget of $6 million in the 2018-19 financial year for the facility.”

So at what point did the $6 million reported in May change to $14.478 million? I couldn’t find any reference to the change in ODT. Maybe I missed it.
I have also looked up the Council meeting minutes but can find no reference there either.

Would someone please tell me the date when this $14.478 million was approved by Council and preferably send me a copy of the minutes or point me in the direction to find them.

Many thanks
Bev Butler


Date: Wed, 22 Jul 2015 23:17:09 +0000
From: Richard Thomson
To: Bev Butler; Lee Vandervis; Dave Cull; David Benson-Pope; Hilary Calvert; John Bezett; Doug Hall; Aaron Hawkins; Mike Lord; Jinty MacTavish; Andrew Noone; Neville Peat; Chris Staynes; Richard Thomson; Andrew Whiley; Kate Wilson
Subject: Re: LTAP and Mosgiel Pool


you will see that the figure is asterixed and that this references back to notes that these are projects which have “full or partial external funding”. In this case the pool is subject to the community fundraising their share but that is included in the capital spend. you will see a similar situation with the cricket lights at Logan park where $2.2m is being spent but Council has approved up to $1m of its money only..

Richard [Thomson, Cr]

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Mosgiel pool trust conflicts of interest #bigfishsmallpond

Funny that, given his connections………………

Selwyn Aquatic Centre [engenium.co.nz]Selwyn Aquatic Centre [xypex.co.nz]Selwyn Aquatic Centre

{Original correspondence sighted and filed. Ratepayer name removed. -Eds}

Received from Cr Lee Vandervis
‎Tue‎, ‎19‎ ‎May‎ ‎2015 at ‎2‎:‎02‎ ‎p.m.

From: Lee Vandervis
Sent: ‎Tuesday‎, ‎19‎ ‎May‎ ‎2015 ‎2‎:‎02‎ ‎p.m.
To: ██████████
Cc: Elizabeth Kerr [What if? Dunedin]

Dear ██████████ ,

Thank you for raising the Mosgiel Pool design and Shaun Pont conflict of interest issues which have been highlighted on the ‘What If?’ site.
I was disappointed that the ODT did not report my direct challenge to Mr Pont’s claimed need for $750,000 of rates funding to pay for initial Mosgiel pool design work, when the pool they want has already been designed, and built [by local contractors Calder Stewart] in Selwyn.
We were told repeatedly at the Mosgiel meeting that the desired pool complex was a “carbon copy of the Selwyn pool”, making the requested $750,000 for initial design potentially the most expensive bits of carbon copy paper in local government history.
As I saw it, Mr Pont not only failed to declare his glaring conflict of interest at the Mosgiel meeting, but he failed to account for the claimed $750,000 cost of an initial pool design needed, saying that there were different ground conditions [both level alluvial plains], different parking requirements [there is an existing car park next door], and different more efficient heat-pump system planned [this detail not needed for initial design].
My question as to ‘why 90% of the speakers listed as wanting to present in person to the Mosgiel meeting did not show up?’ was not answered satisfactorily. It was suggested that there was a problem with advising people of the date of the Mosgiel meeting, yet more Councillors managed to show up than local people wanting to speak in support of the Pool project.

Kind regards,
Cr. Vandervis

On 18/05/15 10:46 AM, “ ██████████ ” wrote:

Hi Lee,

I was at the LTP Plan submission hearing in Mosgiel and heard Shaun Pont of the pool trust asking for $750,000 from Council for further investigation work on pool design etc. I believe there is a vested interest here as Shaun Pont is a director of Logic Group and stands to gain financially from this money if Council is stupid enough to grant it. He also appears to be affiliated with Arrow International, and we know how they benefited from the stadium.

You are the only one on Council I can trust to speak up if I am correct, and can see through the spin doctoring of the pool trust. Best of luck and keep up the good work.


Taieri Aquatic Centre —proposalPool 4Pool 2Pool 5Pool 6Pool 7

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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

*Images: Selwyn Aquatic Centre – engenium.co.nz (exterior); xypex.co.nz (interior) | Proposed Taieri Aquatic Centre – scanned renders by Baker Garden Architects, from TCFT feasibility report (Jan 2015)


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