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Santa Parade, Dunedin (7 Dec 2014)

A People Day —images by Elizabeth Kerr
The flavour of the Santa Parade for those who couldn’t make it to George Street on Sunday. Following the eight sets of images (lowres only for website use, sampled from 540 frames) there is a link to last year’s photographs. The only disappointment yesterday was that Santa wore dark glasses….Big Mistake, and failed to pin his hat on securely for gusty conditions, it flew off at the best place to get photos, sigh.

Here be young and old, Mayor Cull, the ‘future generations’ stuck with paying for your amazing +$20 million per annum loss-making stadium, Christmas! If they can pay for it.

Congratulations to parade organiser Mark Laughton and the Dunedin Santa Parade Trust for another highly enjoyable and successful event.

Set 1

Set 2

Set 3

Set 4

Set 5

Set 6

Set 7

Set 8

Octagon concert crowd

Santa Parade, Dunedin (1 Dec 2013)

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Santa’s sleigh broke down…

santas sleigh george st 2010

After a photo shoot ran late this afternoon I jumped in a taxi to Dunedin’s Santa Parade, arriving at Pitt St to catch only the back end. But Tweeps tell me Santa nearly didn’t make it South of the Octagon! Oh noes.

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[We really like the image inversion on the page – Santa’s sleigh and the stadium. Scary! -Eds]


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