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DCC concerned by Hide’s call for transparency if it means producing more reports

From the can you believe it file…

### ODT Online Fri, 16 Apr 2010
Hide’s call for transparency baffles council
By Chris Morris
A plan by Minister for Local Government Rodney Hide to force councils across New Zealand to open their books in new ways has been questioned by Dunedin Mayor Peter Chin. Mr Hide used part of his address to yesterday’s Sister Cities New Zealand Conference in Dunedin to outline plans for a new financial reporting system for local authorities. Under the new regime, council staff would be required to prepare pre-election financial reports every three years, providing ratepayers with simplified explanations of expenditure over the previous term and plans for the next term.

The move aimed to encourage greater understanding of council finances by ratepayers, who would then be in a better position to “put hard questions” to their elected representatives, Mr Hide said.

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Sister cities’ link lauded

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Rodney Hide: "Never too late" for a referendum

Butler: Stadium issues caused Mr Hide to “raise his eyebrows a few times”…

### ODT Online Thu, 18 Jun 2009
No Hide inquiry into stadium
By Elspeth McLean

Local Government minister Rodney Hide says he will be “keeping an eye” on issues around Forsyth Barr Stadium, but he will not be calling for a government inquiry.
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Hide: Mechanism to let ratepayers know when they're being short changed

### ODT Online Sat, 13 Jun 2009
Hide does impossible: makes Local Govt portfolio sexy
By John Armstrong

Act NZ’s leader has done the impossible: make Local Government a sexy portfolio as he ploughs ahead with a major overhaul of local body structure in Auckland and local authority functions across the country.
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• John Armstrong is The New Zealand Herald’s political correspondent.

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Rodney Hide – radical agenda for local government?


Too bloody late for Dunedin City Council and its sinkhole stadium…

### Radio New Zealand National Updated at 9:42am on 9 June 2009
Morning Report with Geoff Robinson & Sean Plunket

Local Government Act under review
Limits on spending and greater use of referenda could be the way of the future for local government. The proposals are set out in a Cabinet Paper prepared by Local Government Minister and ACT party leader Rodney Hide, which signals the start of a review of the Local Government Act. The proposals include councils operating within a defined fiscal envelope, and opening their books before elections.
Mr Hide says councils should focus on core activities. At present, there is no definition of core services. Mr Hide expects it to include transport services such as roads and footpaths, water, and public health and safety services, including rubbish collection. He says the list would be generous and include services like libraries.
He also wants to look at whether referenda should be used more often by councils.
Podcast (duration 3′02″)

Radical agenda seen
Labour and the Green Party say it’s a radical agenda. Labour MP Phil Twyford says Mr Hide wants to cut local government by stripping out cultural, social and environmental activities. Greens co-leader Russel Norman says the proposal would place great constraints on what local government can do.
Mr Hide says he wants greater transparency and accountability in local government and for ratepayers to have more say. He will report back to Cabinet on the review by the end of August, and wants to have new legislation in place before the 2010 local elections.

Support for referendums
Wanganui Mayor Michael Laws backs the suggestion by Mr Hide to force councils to hold referendums for spending on non-core activities. Wanganui District Council regularly uses referendums and Mr Laws says they work extraordinarily well and are “much more democratic” than the consultation process. He told Morning Report that’s because far more people turn out to have their say, rather than just the usual lobbyists and interested parties. He said 61% of voters took part in the most recent referendum.
Podcast (duration 10′26″)


Radio New Zealand National Updated at 9:44pm on 9 June 2009
Referendum on super-city not feasible – Hide

A referendum on the Auckland super-city is not feasible, says Local Government Minister Rodney Hide – despite advocating it as part of future local government decision-making.

Mr Hide is recommending local councils focus more on what he describes as core services, with other projects put to ratepayer referendums.

North Shore Mayor Andrew Williams favours the idea, but says Mr Hide is hypocritical in refusing a referendum on the super-city plan.
RNZ Link


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Rodney Hide to visit Dunedin

### ODT Online Thu, 4 Jun 2009
Anti-stadium group to meet Rodney Hide
By Dene Mackenzie

Local Government Minister Rodney Hide will meet Dunedin Mayor Peter Chin and other Dunedin City Council representatives early on June 17, before meeting Stop the Stadium representatives.
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StS press release

Received yesterday – here in full. Does this mean StS is winding up…

Tuesday 28th April 2009


Dunedin Ratepayers Abandoned

Considering the history of the stadium project, Friday’s court outcome can be no real surprise. From the very beginning this project has been an affront to all standards of democratic fair dealing, in which the people of Dunedin have been sidelined while ever-increasing amounts of their money have been appropriated to build a folly that will weigh upon us for generations.

Dunedin people, who overwhelmingly reject this stadium, have been abandoned by every stratum of government supposedly in existence to safeguard their rights and interests. The DCC and ORC, rather than protecting their ratepayers, have frog-marched them into disaster. Our local Members of Parliament, with the honourable exception of Green MP Metiria Turei, have been noteworthy only on account of their complicit silence, while the National Government has aided and abetted the abuse of due process and the swindling of our ratepayers. Rodney Hide, after specifically promising to investigate the stadium’s finances, made an ignominious retreat.

And now we have a judge who considers that there is no significant difference between the project as it now exists and what was originally presented to the public – no difference, in other words, between public and private funding. A judge, moreover, who is willing to make a hasty and far-reaching decision while claiming that he is unable to follow the argument put before him. The final arbiter between right and wrong has proven a broken reed.

All we can do now is commit ourselves to remembering the identities of those who have driven our city into this debacle. Remember them well – all of those Councillors who, in capitulating at every stage in this shabby process, have shown themselves unfit to govern. And let us communally ensure, before very long, that these people are removed and their period of ill-governance is put to an end.

Bev Butler
Stop The Stadium Inc
Ph (03) 477 6861


### ODT Online Wed, 29 Apr 2009
Butler mute on future actions
By David Loughrey

Stop the Stadium president Bev Butler last night refused to be drawn on what actions the group might take in future, despite a press release yesterday that appeared to concede little could be done to achieve its goals.
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Consulting ratepayers

### ODT Online Mon, 2 Mar 2009
Councils should consult ratepayers before raising rates – Hide

Local Government Minister Rodney Hide wants rates capped at the rate of inflation and says councils should seek approval from ratepayers before raising them above that.

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The Hall Monitor of Parliament can’t poke his sticky face into our affairs – thank goodness.

“In a response to a plea from Ratepayers and Householders Association chairman Syd Adie to help stop the stadium, Mr Hide said he was responsible for the legal framework in which councils operated, not their specific decisions or actions.”

From the ODT online today, Hide ‘unable to intervene’ on stadium.

“Therefore, I am unable to intervene in any decisions the councils make about the proposed stadium.”

Mr Hide has said he did not think it was the sort of infrastructure the Government should be supporting.

Of course he doesn’t, the free marketeer ideologue can’t see past his laissez-faire dogma. Meanwhile the Australian Government in it’s Infrastructure bail-out/spend-up inspired by the political/economic ideologies that must really annoy Mr Hide, Keynesian Economics, have deemed that a portion of the money they are giving to each state must be spent on stadium upgrades. Seems that Stadiums come under Infrastructure in OZ (no surprise really considering how much importance their national identity is defined by sporting achievement). I’ve argued that the definition of Infrastructure has shifted radically in the last fifty years, and is no longer restricted to the traditional roads, bridges etc.

So thank goodness that Mr Hide & Mr Aide can’t get their way, and here’s hoping that the new government has been looking across the Tasman to see where they are distributing money their Infrastructure stimulus package.


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