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God, nooooo

It can’t be true…are you sending us up??

### ODT Online Wed, 30/06/2010 – 9:49am.
Comment by Kiwi-Lass on Outrageous parking restrictions
The council have become greedy in their parking fines. My mum lives at the north end of George St, down by the gardens and she’s been ticketed for parking outside her own house, for stupid reasons. Now she is being told that the council are going to make all of George St no parking and that she will need to buy a residential parking permit, which at no stage will guarantee that she will be able to find parking. This is crazy. She owns the house in which she lives in and pays the yearly city council rates – should this not mean that she is entitled to park outside of her house?

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An offer DCC can’t refuse

In the spirit of Christmas and citizen duty…

### ODT Monday Dec 28, 2009 (page 10)
Letters to the editor
The Waitati Militia commends the efforts of the Dunedin City Council to raise money to fund its projects by collecting parking fees off offending parkers. We have noticed a huge potential revenue to be collected from around the various funeral parlours.
Our logistics team estimates about $1000 per week can be retrieved from funeral parkers. The Waitati Militia would like to offer its support by supplying parking meters and trained policing staff at competitive rates. We are sure this will help reduce the rates burden of the good citizens of Dunedin.
-Peter Smith, Waitati

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