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Electioneering by straws

### ODT Online Tue, 31 Aug 2010
Opponents scrap over stadium vote
By David Loughrey
Dunedin’s election campaign ignited yesterday, with mayoral candidate Cr Dave Cull fending off accusations he and fellow Greater Dunedin candidate Kate Wilson voted for the Forsyth Barr Stadium in 2008.
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My notes when in attendance at the Finance and Strategy Committee meeting and the Extraordinary Council meeting held on 17 March 2008 show:

That at the finance and strategy meeting, Crs Dave Cull, Kate Wilson, Fliss Butcher and Teresa Stevenson voted against the stadium project. In accordance with the minutes received I agree that the meeting ended with a 10-4 vote to commit to the stadium, subject to conditions.

That at the Extraordinary Council meeting there was a procedural vote to confirm the resolutions taken from the finance and strategy meeting. Crs Cull and Wilson voted in the affirmative. The motion was won, 12-4.

At the time and since I did not infer a vote for the stadium by Crs Cull and Wilson.

It may have been ‘politically naive’ to vote the resolutions through given the events in the finance and strategy meeting where conditions were agreed – or perhaps it was sound procedurally.

Either way, the matter of how Crs Cull and Wilson voted on the motion to confirm the resolutions was not going to change the outcome.

The ‘opponents’ cited in the ODT are clutching at straws.

Post by Elizabeth Kerr


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What DCC said to "Stadium – Opposed" submitters last year

Looked up my files and found these on DCC Draft Annual Plan 2008/09 submissions.

A snippet from council’s letter (dated 10 July 2008) addressed to Elizabeth Kerr – presumably, the same was received by other submitters opposing the stadium.

Stadium – Opposed

That no change occur to the draft plan.

Following consideration of the submissions the Council determined that it would continue with the approach previously resolved at its meeting on 17 March 2008.

The effect of this resolution taken as a whole is to permit the project to continue and, by placing milestones along the way, still provide the possibility that if some or all of the risks that have been identified come to pass in a substantial manner, the Council can still exit the project.

In terms of the component of the funding for the stadium that will come from rates, some submitters requested an investigation into the use of a fixed targeted rate, in part or in whole, instead of a capital value based general rate. The Council agreed to ask the Rates and Funding Working Party to investigate this funding option.

Also, ‘The Stadium Stance’ (pages 3-5) from the 5-page document ‘Changes made to the 2008/2009 Draft Annual Plan following consultation’ sent to all submitters.

DCC – The Stadium Stance July 2008

How things change in the space of one year.


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