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Energy Roof Perugia, Italy

Eco Factor: Self-sufficient structure generates solar and wind energy.

### http://www.designboom.com 15 January 2010
Coop Himmelb(l)au Energy Roof in Italy
By ridhika db
Wolf D. Prix, design principal and CEO of Coop Himmelb(l)au presented the design for the ‘Energy Roof’ in Perugia, Italy, today.

Energy Roof is part of a research project for the University of Perugia called, “Walking through the history”. The roof serves as canopy along Via Mazzini in the centre of Perugia and at the same time creates the entry point to the archaeological underground passage leading through the history of Perugia.

The architect developed the design of the roof with the goal to generate energy for the city. While the orientation of the west wing is optimised in relation to solar radiation, the east wing captures wind. The roof consists of three layers: the energy generating top layer, the structural layer in the middle and a layer on the bottom as a combination of laminated glazing and translucent pneumatic cushions.

The top layer includes transparent photovoltaic cells to generate electricity and shade the sun. The orientation of the individual cells is generated and optimised by a computer-driven scripting programme. Furthermore five wind turbines placed inside the structural layer are generating additional energy. Both the roof and the underground passage are energy self-sufficient.
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The new paradigmatic design of the Energy Roof creates a distinctive and highly recognisable icon for the city and a statement for aesthetic sustainability corresponding with the ancient buildings of Via Mazzini. -David K.
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So, we’re not getting a high-tech eco roof at Dunedin’s stadium?

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Eco-upgrade for Europe’s largest brick building

### http://www.inhabitat.com 01/08/10
London’s Battersea Power Station To Get Major Eco-Renovation
By Bridgette Meinhold
Recognise this abandoned power plant? Of course you do – it’s one of the more well-known power plants in the world, featured in more movies, music videos and albums covers than you probably realise. You’ve seen it on the cover of albums by Pink Floyd and The Who, and it was filmed in The Beatle’s Help, Full Metal Jacket, Aliens, Children of Men, and recently The Dark Knight. The Battersea Power Station hasn’t produced any power since 1983, but soon it’s set to be part of a major eco-renovation, that will supply London with clean renewable energy in addition to carbon-neutral apartments, offices and parks.
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EvidentlyLtd 10 June 2009
Evidently has produced the latest film for the proposed development of the Battersea Power Station site, owned by Real Estate Opportunities Limited.

The new film combines animation and footage to demonstrate the new masterplan for the Power Station, as designed by acclaimed architect Rafael Vinoly. Previously, Evidently produced a series of films outlining the original scheme for REO. The latest film details the changes to the scheme resulting from two years of consultation with the public and stakeholders.

The film will be utilised throughout the planning application process. It was on display to the public at the Public Exhibition at the Battersea Power Station (4-6 June 2009).

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Copenhagen (the city) aiming at 100% carbon neutrality

### Footprint: Hattie Hartman’s sustainability blog 17 Dec 2009
AECOM’s Celeste Morgan: At least we have ‘Hopenhagen’
By Hattie Hartman
Hopenhagen’ is the real star of the conference. The value of bringing people together in Copenhagen is clear even if the political debate does not result in a strong commitment to battle climate change. The city’s design, its systems and its people show how to deliver sustainable places.

Upon arrival, I was greeted by twenty large wind turbines just off the coast from the central city area. There are no micro-wind turbines or ‘eco-bling’ on new buildings here, just real and large-scale solutions with little fuss, and most importantly already complete. The solutions are wide-spread but subtle. Astoundingly, 98% of Copenhagen is connected to a district heating system supplied by three ‘energy from waste plants’ and four combined heat and power (CHP) plants.

For designers, planners and engineers, the clear message from Copenhagen is that we need to think big and act now to make a difference. Globally our ‘carbon peak’ mustn’t be any later than 2015 to avoid catastrophic changes beyond repair…Design of buildings, public spaces and developments needs to spark the ideas and deliver systems that take forward city-wide solutions so we can all have a little ‘hope’ in the places that we live.
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– Hattie Hartman is the Sustainability Editor of the Architects’ Journal


circleofblue 15 December 2009
Copenhagen, host of the UN Climate Change Conference, claims to be one of the world’s greenest cities. It has extensive public transportation, a strong bicycle culture and plans to be carbon neutral by 2025 with progressive blueprints to reduce carbon emissions 20 percent by 2015 compared to 2005. Klaus Bondam, mayor of technology and sustainability for the city of Copenhagen, explains the city’s ethos, commitment to sustainability and its rapid plans to move from coal to wind energy.

btrplc 30 November 2009
Mike Cerre of Globe TV reports on the positive steps Denmark has taken to develop renewable energy, transition to electric vehicles and reduce carbon emissions.


DanishArchitecture 31 January 2008
Copenhagen X is an open urban and residential exhibition (2002 -2012) created by the partnership of Realdania, the City of Frederiksberg and the City of Copenhagen in association with the Danish Architecture Centre. Copenhagen X facilitates and disseminates information on architecture, urban development, building projects, architectural visions and innovation in the Danish capital. This movie gives you an introduction to Copenhagen X. Film & Animation: Anne Haaning, Squint/Opera Denmark.

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