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NZ flag is the NZ flag is the #NZflag [beach towel selection in context]

RNZ Toby Morris 'Make Your Own Flag' eight_col_DIY-FLAG (1)RNZ/Toby Morris — eight_col_DIY-FLAG

### radionz.co.nz
RNZ: On the Inside
OPINION: Flag failure – Where did it go wrong?
By Toby Morris
Well, that’s that. The votes are counted and at last the shambolic flag saga is finally over, banished to eternal life as a series of pub quiz trivia questions. An embarrassing phase best forgotten like a national bad haircut.
As much as I’ve always wanted a change, in the end I think we made the right choice. So why do I feel so rotten?
I had a bad feeling about it from the start, and I wasn’t alone. This time last year, anyone who has ever worked on any kind of corporate creative brief took one look at the chosen panel and their proposed process and saw that it would result in a mediocre, safe choice. It was creativity by committee, with no designers involved, and a process that allowed no room for development or refinement.
So we expected the worst, but like George W Bush said, we ‘misunderestimated’ them. Things went from worst to ‘worster’ as they lurched from one disastrous step to another. An inane and vague campaign to engage people about what they stood for led to the saddest road trip ever as the panel toured the country for public meetings with record low turnouts. No one was interested.
By the time the public was able to submit entries, the mood became more evident…. In large numbers, we were treating the flag process as a huge joke.
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RNZ: How the world saw NZ’s flag decision
RNZ: Kiwis have their say; flag’s here to stay
RNZ: NZ flag result – how it happened
RNZ: MPs split down party lines on flag vote

NZ Herald
‘Wasteful vanity project’ ….How world reacted to flag result
Defeated PM defends $26m flag vote as critics round on him
Andrew Little: PM’s pet project has cost NZ $26m

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Jonkey a flag!

nz-flag2 [flagz.co.nz]

Prime Minister John Key has warned if people vote against changing the flag they will not get another chance until New Zealand becomes a republic.

### radionz.co.nz Updated at 12:46 pm today
RNZ News
Has the PM mistaken himself for a flag?
By Finlay Macdonald
OPINION: To borrow a title from the late, great Oliver Sacks, we appear to have a prime minister who mistook himself for a flag.
John Key is now arguing that a vote against the silver fern flag in the March referendum is really a vote against him. He is echoing those commentators who have already tried to depict opposition to a new flag as simply anti-Key sentiment in red, white and blue drag.

Last chance to change flag before republic – PM
Only citizens should vote on flag change – NZ First

The flag debate, they claim, has been “politicised” by the Left out of bitterness and spite. Aside from their own absurd partisan assumptions, what those arguments can never address is the ideologically diverse nature of so much opposition to the Lockwood flag.
How else to explain the informal alliance of lifelong republicans and ageing anti-establishment boomers with monarchists and RSA traditionalists? If anything unites these camps it seems less likely to be a shared loathing of the prime minister than a nose for what you might call a false dichotomy – an unnecessary choice between two inadequate options.
Because you can say a lot of bad things about the alternative flag, but probably the worst is that it makes the current flag look good.
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New Zealand Flag: 1000s of public submissions ignored by panel [+ Paris]

nz-flag2 [flagz.co.nz]Flags 1447374793430 [via Stuff.co.nz]

It was outside the panel’s remit to consider criticism of the process or support for the current flag……..

### ODT Online Fri, 13 Nov 2015
Readers support Mallard in flag debate
Source: NZME
Readers have weighed in to support claims by Trevor Mallard the flag referendum process is “total spin”, following analysis showing feedback from thousands of people critical of the process had been ignored by the flag consideration panel. Analysis published today on new data platform ‘Herald Insights’ shows official reports published by the flag panel had ignored thousands of public submissions – nearly a third of total feedback – that were critical of the process or supportive of retaining the current flag.
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█ Herald Insights: http://insights.nzherald.co.nz/

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*Images: flagz.co.nz – NZ Flag; Stuff.co.nz – Flags


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New Zealand Flag —symbolism

NZ First likens Red Peak flag to Nazi war symbols
[Source: Parliament TV via ONE News]

Denis O'Rourke  NZ First 2 [Parliament TV]Denis O'Rourke NZ First 1 [Parliament TV]

Received from TQoFE
Fri, 25 Sep 2015 at 10:43 a.m.


█ Compare flags for Japan and Canada….

Red Peak, First to the Light – nice idea, bland design for our nationality ??

Red Peak flag
redpeak_1aulca1-1aulcb3 [via nz.news.yahoo.com]Images: (top) Stuff.co.nz | nz.news.yahoo.com

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Our water assets

### ODT Online Sat, 22 Jan 2011
Public to have say about future of city’s water
By Stu Oldham
A binding public referendum has been proposed as a safety mechanism to allay public concerns over feared privatisation of Dunedin’s water. The suggestion came during the Dunedin City Council’s 2011-12 pre-draft annual plan deliberations yesterday, as councillors debated a proposed council-controlled organisation (CCO) to manage the city’s $1.6 billion in water assets.

Some councillors remained opposed, with a block of four – Crs Fliss Butcher, Jinty MacTavish, Teresa Stevenson and Kate Wilson – trying unsuccessfully to block the CCO proposal from proceeding.

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More on South Dunedin meeting

### ODT Online Mon, 20 Apr 2009
Meeting calls for referendum
By Elspeth McLean

A call for the Dunedin City Council to hold a referendum on the Otago stadium issue before the signing of the construction contract was made at a lively public meeting in Caversham last night attended by about 140 people.
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Stadium: South Dunedin Public Meeting

The meeting in the Caversham Presbyterian Hall was well attended, and admirably coordinated and facilitated by Tracey Crampton Smith.

Councillors Neil Collins and Dave Cull participated in a lengthy question and answer session, both taking some tough questions and providing replies according to their understanding of the stadium project and council processes.

Two resolutions were passed unanimously (wording to be confirmed in tomorrow’s newspaper):

1. Council to hold a referendum before signing the contract; and

2. Council to defer signing the contract until after the adoption of the Long Term Council Community Plan (LTCCP) having reopened the call for submissions on the stadium.

The tone of the meeting and the resolutions would be carried by Councillors Collins and Cull to the Dunedin City Council’s extraordinary meeting tomorrow.


Paraphrased here, questions from the floor included: what is Council doing for the future of our youth, if not a stadium?…what about the skateboard park, it gives way to the proposed harbour arterial – what is Council doing to replace the park and will a new facility be roofed for all weather use?…will local firms find work at the stadium? (relevant to specific construction services mentioned rumour is they won’t)…how have views of South Dunedin constituents been canvassed?…did the $66 per week cited by council include GST? (the figure was described as farcical given the likely cost of the stadium to build and operate, in particular the debt servicing required)…what options for major capital works were contemplated by council other than the stadium? (Wanganui gives its citizens a list of options to consider and select)…why not upgrade Carisbrook instead?…what is council going to do to attract new investment to the city for job creation? (investing across a spectrum, not in one major project like the stadium, was surely preferable and wise? for example, fibre optic networks, heritage, eco-tourism…)…how did council value the stadium site prior to purchase? (given the $10M overspend)…who would use the stadium?…was the anticipated $200,000 annual return, after costs, worth the outlay and risk? (this figure seemed ludicrous anyway)…was it too late for a referendum? (NO!!! said the crowd, with which Cr Cull agreed)…

A lively, intelligent meeting where people expressed concern at the lack of public consultation and or ‘listening’ by council representatives to what now appeared to be a ground swell of opposition city wide; and at council’s apparent lack of viable alternatives to take the city forward.

ODT will put it more accurately tomorrow, I’m sure.

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