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Auckland super city subverts democracy…

Thanks James.

This is the cold word on “upright commercial pillars of society”.
See any similarities to the Dunedin crew? You do?
And you’re still keen on a super ward.
Think about it.


### nzherald.co.nz 4:00 AM Friday Feb 12, 2010
Opinion: Brian Rudman on Auckland
Democracy kicked out the window
By Brian Rudman
If it wasn’t my money they were after, the sight of John Waller, the chairman of Bank of New Zealand, Hugh Burrett, the former chief executive of ASB Bank, and Greg Muir, former chairman of Hanover Finance, cap in hand together at the Auckland Town Hall, trying to touch up Mayor John Banks for a $40 million loan would be hugely amusing.
They’re members of the Eden Park Trust Board, and need the money urgently, because, in the words of banker Waller, “the banks won’t lend because the park can’t service it …” With not even their closest banker mates willing to float them a loan for old times’ sake, who are they now trying to shake down?

Auckland Regional Council chairman Mike Lee is blunt. “Aucklanders have been bilked. Most of the powers of the present local government in Auckland will be devolved to unelected, unaccountable CCOs – no doubt to be stacked with the usual businessmen.”

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-Brian Rudman is a Herald columnist focussing on Auckland issues

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What's next?


On the stadium, tomorrow’s ODT features a Columba College students’ sock initiative: “Get over it”.
Original ideas are hard to come by, at least the socks aren’t red…

The High Court decision – Basil Walker v Otago Regional Council – is due for release this week.

DCC/STS build up for Rodney Hide’s visit to Dunedin on June 17 – will he survive.


Sucking up: students will donate 50c from the sale of each pair of socks to the Carisbrook Stadium Trust…

### ODT Online Wed, 10 Jun 2009
Stadium cold feet? If the sock fits ‘get over it’
By Ellie Constantine

An enterprising group of Columba College pupils has decided to help Dunedin “get over” Forsyth Barr Stadium by providing warm socks for any cold feet.
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Old home town looks the same?

### ODT Thu, 04/06/2009 (page 10)
Letters to the editor
By Bill Julian, Haitaitai

Is it true that the ratepayers of Otago are financing a grass-floored stadium which has no signed-and-sealed tenants; in other words a building being built on spec, for a cost of millions of dollars? If this is indeed so, whatever has happened to the mindset of the (erstwhile) most prudent investors in New Zealand? The mind boggles. This, surely, cannot be the town in which I grew up.

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DCC LTCCP: Submitters distrustful…

### ODT Online Fri, 8 May 2009
DCC reminded of social duty
By David Loughrey
After 36 hours at the table listening to 184 submitters, the Dunedin City Council will now turn its attention to who gets what, and how much ratepayers will pay when its annual plan process is complete.
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### ODT Online Fri, 8 May 2009
Claim stadium debate cost trust
By David Loughrey
The Dunedin City Council needed to take a good look at its consultation process following an acrimonious debate on the stadium, and loss of public trust, Dunedin educationalist Pat Harrison said in her submission.
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Woodlouse bloat + Farry foam

### D Scene 6-5-09 (page 3)
Michael’s boast
By Ryan Keen

If the new stadium gets built and is the rampant success for the city that all its supporters hope it will be, we’ll all know who to thank – Michael Woodhouse, National MP. Let’s just be clear – that’s according to him. In one of the most shamelessly self-serving press releases (and that’s saying something) to be press released in recent memory, Woodhouse heaps plenty of credit on himself for the stadium getting as far as it has.

### Media release (Apr 30, 2009) Stadium Great Opportunity for Dunedin

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### D Scene 6-5-09 (page 8)
Stadium in court again
By Michelle Sutton

Former Queenstown property developer – and stadium opponent – Basil Walker is ready to argue Otago ratepayers have been “conned”. He takes his argument to the High Court in Dunedin today.
{story continues}

### D Scene 6-5-09 (page 9)
The Insider: Interview by Michelle Sutton
Farry’s full steam ahead

Carisbrook Stadium Trust chairman Malcolm Farry has often likened the pursuit of the project to climbing Everest. Despite signing a construction contract last week, he still feels like he’s only halfway to the top.
{interview continues}

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Here we go: projects for friends

At the plan change hearings for the stadium we asked was there a plan for a parking building at the Awatea St site given the total shortage of parking for the stadium…I think we got blank stares, didn’t we? Always important to hold things in reserve, eh. Be pleased for the friends – the whole potential for area development is being massively propped by ratepayer funds to the stadium. Apparently, no-one has any money to raise private sector funding – just keeping that back while the stadium is shoved into touch. The grand plan emerges.

### ODT Online Mon, 4 May 2009
Developers eye up Awatea St area
By Chris Morris

Construction of the $198 million Otago stadium could be just the beginning of development around Dunedin’s Awatea St, the Carisbrook Stadium Trust believes.
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