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Return of High Street cable car

### ODT Online Mon, 14 Jan 2013
Cable car back in 2018?
By Hamish McNeilly
The High St cable car could be resurrected within five years, as the trust behind the project prepares to start a major fundraising drive this year. The original High St to Mornington line opened in 1883 and closed in March 1957, but the Dunedin Cable Car Trust hopes to have a cable car back on the route by 2018. Chairman Phil Cole said the estimated $22 million project would be broken down into three phases, beginning with the construction of a $2 million terminus near Mornington Park.

Mr Cole stressed the trust was not looking for financial support from the Dunedin City Council, but was keeping the council updated on the project.

The Mornington terminus would include a cafe, museum and storage area for the cable car, and could be completed by 2015. ”We want to build this first to generate income for the project”. He said the completion of the terminus would help provide impetus for the project before the start of phase two – raising funds and installing the track and building the cable cars.
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ODT Poll commenced 14.1.13

ODT Poll High St cable car 14.1.13[screenshot as at 12:00am 15.1.13]

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High Street cable car update

“We are realistic in that it is not just a question of getting it built; it is a question of keeping it funded after it is built.” –Phil Cole

### ODT Online Fri, 23 Dec 2011
Cable car plans shared
By Hamish McNeilly
Members of the trust aiming to resurrect the High St cable car have met Dunedin City Council officials to discuss their plans. Dunedin Cable Car Trust chairman Phil Cole confirmed a meeting with council representatives had taken place this week, but said the trust was not asking the council for financial assistance. The trust was asked to submit on the draft spatial plan and the transportation strategy for next year, and “this is encouraging”, the Dunedin-based transportation engineer said.
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Old cinematography of Dunedin Cable Cars 1930 to 1950. (7:33)

Cable Car Terminus, Mornington, Dunedin, N.Z. (postcard)

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Monorail #NZ.idea

### nbr.co.nz Saturday September 25, 2010 – 05:00am
NZ monorail start-up gets $US1million from Google
By NBR staff
Google has recognised Auckland monorail start-up Shweeb, making it one of five companies worldwide to be awarded $US1 million in its $US10 million 10^100 competition.

In return for its $US1 million injection, Google has taken a 25% stake in Shweeb, with the proviso that any profits made by the internet company will go to a charitable trust for the betterment of public transport.

Shweeb, founded in 2006, is run by Remuera managing director Peter Cossey and Rotorua inventor Geoff Barnett. Its human-powered monorail concept sees a Futurama-style capsule combined with reclining cycle technology.
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Schweeb Monorail Technology



Project 10^100 by Google is a call for ideas to change the world by helping as many people as possible.

Thousands of people from more than 170 countries submitted over 150,000 ideas. From that group, Google narrowed it to the final 16 ideas for public vote.

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Pre-election opinions on public transport and the stadium

### ODT Online Wed, 15 Sep 2010
Opinion: Transport system must respond to change
By Phillip Cole
One topic doing the rounds during this local election campaign will be sustainable transport. No doubt every prospective councillor will say we need a sustainable form of public transport for Dunedin – but how realistic are the chances of this happening? It is not just about transport. For sustainable transport to ever become a “fact of life” it needs to consider the urban form of the city – not just buildings, open space and roads, but the networks that link them and the activities that make people move around.
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• Phillip Cole is a member of Sustainable Dunedin City and a resident of Dunedin.


### ODT Online Thu, 16 Sep 2010
Opinion: Pride over prejudice… please!
By Chris Skillett
The elections are almost upon us, and Dunedin is warming to the task of choosing who should act as its stewards for the next three years. Otago looks on. Southland looks on. And there is absolutely no question about what the key issue will be this time around. For all of us, almost without exception, the elephant in the room, which will be trumpeting loud and clear, will be the new stadium.
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• Chris Skellett lives in Warrington.

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D Scene – train building, buses and forest products

### D Scene 5-4-10
City to take case to KiwiRail (page 5)
By Mike Houlahan
Today a Dunedin delegation, headed by Chamber of Commerce chief executive John Christie, meets KiwiRail to put the case for the firm’s Hillside Workshops to be part of a bid to build new carriages and engines for Auckland’s rail system.

Christie said the meeting was proceeding despite [Transport Minister Steve] Joyce and [KiwiRail chief executive Jim] Quinn’s comments, and that he did not regard the exercise as a fool’s errand.

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Passengers lose out in timetable decision (page 6)
By Wilma McCorkindale
Industry players say they have missed the bus and passengers have been short changed because of an Otago Regional Council u-turn on a planned improved timetable for its southern routes to Green Island and beyond. Informed sources – who would not be named – said the council should have re-tendered the routes and consulted on them again because of massive eleventh hour changes it allowed in awarding the contract.
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Talk: Dunedin on Dunedin (page 9)
Your say: Letters to the editor
South Dunedin not doing that bad by Elaine Cole, Caversham
Incorrect conclusions by Keith Harris, Dunedin

NZ on show at World Expo (page 13)
When World Expo 2010 opened in Shanghai on Saturday, New Zealand showed itself to the world, but just what does it take to represent contemporary Aotearoa? Sarah Catheral finds out. Fairfax
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Biz: Crunching the numbers
More than just logging: Very much an NZ company (pages 20-21)
For many Dunedinites the smoke from the Mount Allan fire earlier this year was the first time Wenita Forest Products impacted on our lives. However, the timber firm has closer ties with the local community than that.
Mike Houlahan reports.

  • Wenita owns and manages about 30,000ha of forest in the Clutha and Dunedin districts.
  • Around 60% of Wenita’s annual harvest is exported – mainly to China, but it also sells to Korea, India and occasionally Vietnam. The remainder is sold to customers from Canterbury to Southland.
  • All forests are managed on a sustainable basis, with 1400-1500ha of trees planted annually to replace that year’s crop. Trees generally remain in the ground between 27 and 30 years before being felled.
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