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Chalmers Properties Ltd

Port Otago chief executive Geoff Plunket said a review of Chalmers had decided because its largest holding was in Dunedin it was “under-represented” here, and the head office should be relocated.

### ODT Online Sat, 21 Jan 2012
Return of Chalmers Propert[ies]
By Simon Hartley
Port Otago is relocating its subsidiary company Chalmers Propert[ies], which has a $197 million property portfolio around the country, from its Wellington headquarters to Port Chalmers. […] Within Chalmers’ $197 million portfolio, $110 million is in Dunedin, $65 million is in Auckland and the balance of $22 million is in Hamilton. Chalmers is a partner in a 50:50 joint venture in Hamilton. […] Longtime Chalmers chief executive Andrew Duncan is not relocating to Dunedin and a job for general manager of property is being advertised by Port Otago. The job is to be based in Port Chalmers, with administrative support.
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█ NZ Companies Register: http://www.companies.govt.nz/co/925428

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