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The piles, again…and the roof

### ODT Online Sat, 8 Aug 2009
Pile-driving progresses according to plan
By David Loughrey

Work driving piles into the ground at the Forsyth Barr Stadium site is going ahead successfully, but the most difficult stage of the project, lifting about 700 tonnes of steel roof trusses into place 35m above ground, will be the major challenge of the project.
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### ODT Online Sat, 8 Aug 2009
Hitting the roof considered to be quite a feat
By David Loughrey

Otago rugby players, and visitors to the province, will have a new challenge when they play at the Forsyth Barr Stadium. The lowest part of the stadium’s roof will be 30m high near the edge of the field, and the highest kick mapped during games when the Carisbrook Stadium Trust did its research on the issue was about 29.4m.
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BammBamm says

At the STS website, a conundrum appeared early this morning, about the stadium piles. True or false. Does this associate with the rumour last year that steel had already been stockpiled for the project…

Anyway, BammBamm says:

“The concrete supports are prefabricated, pre-stressed castings that have taken months to cast, and produce for the stadium foundations. You can hear them being driven in daily. Many of you will not realise that to obtain full structural strength, that the concrete needs to cure. Usually Portland cement is around 8 months. So, using that logic, you will find that the pillars were cast, cured, assembled and transported before the Council made a ‘decision’ on construction of the stadium itself.”
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Channel 9 fun and news

2 July. Channel 9 news reminds us that the brand launch for Forsyth Barr Stadium at University Plaza is on tonight. The new logo has “spikes” (supposed to be the stadium roof, god help us) and “flowing energy” (I think ratepayers paid for that, no-one else could afford to be that maximised).

Eion Edgar will be there. He says the stadium is “the biggest thing to happen to Dunedin this century”. It would become “a national icon, not just an Otago icon”.

Oh. And then Malcolm Farry fronted, saying there should be “no concern” that NZRU is taking over the Highlanders.

ODT’s Simon Cunliffe profiled some stories for tomorrow’s newspaper: One on pile driving, “there’s the suggestion they’re going in too easily” !!! Another examining Dunedin City Council’s involvement in the Highlanders franchise.

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D Scene: What Cr Eckhoff believes

### D Scene 1-7-09 (page 3)
You be the judge
By Ryan Keen, Editor
Not often you get a councillor coming out and pouring scorn on the decision-making of another council. But that’s just what outspoken Otago Regional councillor Gerrard Eckhoff has done in D Scene today (see p10). In a scathing opinion piece he calls into question Dunedin City Council thinking with regard to its $7 million agreement to purchase debt-ridden Otago Rugby Football Union assets – namely Carisbrook, first revealed in D Scene.

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Pile tests: Stadium site results
Sinking feeling (page 6)
By Michelle Sutton
One of the test piles driven into Dunedin’s stadium site turf sank lower than pre-modelling indicated, the project’s development boss [Darren Burden] admits…just one of the test piles in the corner of where the north stand will sit went lower than the 18 metres to a depth of 22 metres. “There are no stability issues that I’m aware of.”


Your say: What Dunedin thinks (page 9)
Aw, shucks Letters by Carol Sawyer and Lee Vandervis
Getting real by Peter Attwooll
House of drain Letters by Dennis Dovey and Brian Miller
*In reply to Mr Miller the editor supplies a table from Horwath HTL’s feasibility report (February 2007), assessing possible funding scenarios for a new stadium and showing the item: Carisbrook sale – $3 million.


DCC playing pretend game (page 10)
By Gerrard Eckhoff
“DCC are now also in a game of “pretend” with the public of this region”
After D Scene’s revelations that a $7 million agreement has been struck for the purchase of Carisbrook, Dunedin City Council should be seen as personal bankers for the Otago Rugby Football Union.


On the ball: The problems with our national game
More rugby for dwindling fanbase (page 15)
By Joseph Romanos
What about the Rugby Union taking some responsibility and providing a quality product?


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D Scene, hello – construction stopped or starting?

We read the story. Can’t answer the question.
D Scene, straighten it out please.

### D Scene 20-5-09 (page 12)
Otago Stadium: City council in no rush to have appeal heard
Demo despite wrangles
By Michelle Sutton

Asbestos is being ripped out of buildings on the Otago stadium site, while ongoing High Court wrangles threaten to stop work.
[Guess who…yep, Hall Bros]

In brief:
* Hawkins Construction to start work on piles this Friday
* StS trying to speed up High Court Appeal; DCC in no rush
* StS has lodged urgent request for appeal to be heard
* No news of costs after High Court decision
* Basil Walker has asked for withdrawal of Jim Harland’s affidavit
* ORC “can’t begin to understand” half of Walker’s questions
* ORC’s first payment towards stadium due 1 August – loan not yet secured

{see full story}

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### D Scene 20-5-09 (page 12)
Soper turns consultant

Former Carisbrook Stadium Trust chief executive Ewan Soper is working out of the office, charging an hourly consultant rate…on a “casual basis”.

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