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St Clair swimming and surf guides #WaterSafety

### ODT Online Sat, 16 Jan 2016
Graphic warning at St Clair
By John Lewis
Warning signs are being put up by the Dunedin City Council at St Clair Beach this morning, following another close call in the surf this week. A video has been posted online showing a group of people running towards the St Clair Surf Club ramp, to avoid being swept away by a large rogue wave, including a man who had to pick up his children and run.
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Otago Daily Times Published on Jan 15, 2016
Graphic warning at St Clair


People should swim in patrolled areas between the flags. “Go when the waves are breaking, and don’t swim in flat water because that means currents and rips are taking water back out to the sea.”

### ODT Online Sat, 16 Jan 2016
Know your limits, surf life-savers say
By Damian George
Beachgoers in Dunedin are being urged to know their limits before taking to the water after surf life-savers rescued nine people in less than a month. Surf Life Saving New Zealand Otago-Southland club support officer Sam Clutterbuck said most rescues had been in non-patrolled areas, and some people were clearly not aware of what was safe.
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### dunedintv.co.nz Wed, 13 Jan 2016
Swimmers need to follow the rules on patrolled beaches
Surf life-savers continue to get the message out to swimmers to stay between the flags and make sensible decisions when taking to the water. There’s been some concerning incidents away from patrolled beaches. And as the weather heats up life guards are expecting to have to put their training into action.
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DCC Webmap - South Dunedin JanFeb 2013 1aDCC Webmap – Dunedin beaches JanFeb 2013

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Are you on the ELECTORAL ROLL





Friday, 23 July
Nominations open
Electoral Rolls open for inspection

Friday, 20 August
Nominations close (12.00 noon)
Electoral Rolls close

Friday 17 September to Wednesday, 22 September
Delivery of voting documents
If voting documents do not arrive during this period, special voting papers can be posted out (phone 477 4000) or a Special Voting Booth will be available in the Customer Services Centre, Civic Centre, Dunedin

Saturday, 9 October
Election Day
Voting closes, 12.00 noon

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