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Sensitive area: The Exchange

### The Star Thu, 21 January 2010 (pages 1 & 3)
Multi-level car park mooted
By Stu Oldham
A new multi-storeyed parking building may be considered for downtown Dunedin in a development that could prove a forceful boost for a reinvigorated Exchange. DCC property manager Robert Clark this week told The Star he would spend the next six months investigating the viability of a new parking regime at the Exchange end of the city.
● Full article at print and digital editions of The Star (Allied Press Ltd).

Private investors are building a stand-alone carpark in High Street, and to do so they’ve demolished irreplaceable heritage building stock. The design of the carpark’s replacement ‘facade’ to High Street by Oakley Gray Architects is wince material.

The Dowling Street carpark, owned by City Property, should never be made to extend into lower High Street, blocking the magnificent vista that runs in both directions between Mornington and Dunedin Railway Station. The vista was established in Charles Kettle’s survey plan for the city. Former city architect Robert Tongue has made drawings for a building development sited on the Dowling Street carpark site that destroys one of the best street vistas available in Dunedin.

How real is the need for parking?
Are we fêting the wrong people and the wrong leasing tenants for the Exchange Area?
The community and Dunedin City Council have no urban design strategy for the Exchange Area and how it connects into other quarters close by.

The headline of The Star article is presumptious and clumsy. “Mooted” is a game too far. An investigation into a new parking regime for the Exchange Area is overdue.

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