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Vegetation fire contained at Woodside, Outram

███ Evacuees were advised to go to the Outram Presbyterian Church Hall on Holyhead Street. –Police

Updated post 2.11.14 at 7:18 p.m.

ONE News 2.11.14 Screenshot (1209)

“The New Zealand Fire Service and the Otago Rural Fire Authority have done a great job with protecting … houses today.”

Helicopters with monsoon buckets had been flying overhead all morning and appeared to have contained the fire. By early afternoon it had spread across about 60 hectares of land. Shortly after 2pm, Fire Service spokeswoman Rachel Butler said the blaze was “contained but probably not under control”.
By early evening rain had started to fall, easing conditions.

### stuff.co.nz Last updated 14:52 02/11/2014
Dunedin scrub fire ‘out of control’
By Blair Ensor and Wilma McKay
Land owners evacuated from the scene of an out of control fire west of Dunedin believe the likely cause is re-ignition of a controlled farm burn-off more than a month ago.
Michael and Annette Harrex, who have 2000 acres at Woodside in the hills above near Outram, spent this morning at an evacuation point near the blaze, watching nervously as it threatened their neighbours’ homes.
“We were burning five or six weeks ago and we’ve had a lot of rain in between,” Michael Harrex said. “There was no thought anything could happen. Probably with the high wind overnight, it’s just blown an ember into gorse.”
Harrex said the fire was spreading into trees behind neighbours’ homes.
“It’s obviously extremely stressful for everyone. There are people up there that have obviously had to get out of their houses. it’s just the concern of what might happen.”
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### tvnz..co.nz updated 11:35
Published: 8:49AM Sunday November 02, 2014
Gorse fire continues to rage out of control in rural Dunedin
Source: ONE News
An out of control gorse fire continues to threaten several homes in the rural area of Outram near Dunedin. The fire, which is currently covering 60 hectares of land in the Maungatua Ranges, is being fanned by strong winds and has come within 20 metres of one farm house.
Fire fighters have been battling the blaze all morning and have sent in five helicopters as they have been unable to reach it on the ground.
Principal Rural Fire Officer Stephanie Rotarangi says they have the front closest to the houses under control but are still working on the rest of the fire.
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### ODT Online Sun, 2 Nov 2014
Strong winds fan Otago fires
Firefighters have several battles in their hands in Otago this morning as strong winds fan vegetation fires near Outram and Ettrick.
Emergency services continue to fight a massive vegetation fire near Outram, about 30km from Dunedin, which has caused three homes to be evacuated.
Police said the fire was burning strongly along the ridge of the Maungatua hill range and was being fanned by strong wind gusts.
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Dunedin: Developers stoop to resource consents instead of private plan change applications

Local resource management consultant/planners such as Allan Cubitt (also an independent commissioner that the Dunedin City Council calls on from time to time) and Don Anderson (Anderson & Co) are ‘chipping away’ at the Dunedin City District Plan zoning provisions with greater insistence out on the Taieri, in (surprise!) Cr Syd Brown’s patch, the Mosgiel Taieri ward.

We have the Veggie Boys application for retrospective resource consent coming to hearing on 10 April (see earlier post, Fresh veggies, a holiday mystery), hosted by Don Anderson. Meanwhile, DCC has allowed Veggie Boys to trade without resource consent since last year. There is some heat on the Council to clarify the planning issues (after a run of five non-notified consents involving Wallis Nurseries ‘destination’ developments, thus the notified application. DCC has sought a legal opinion but refuses to release it.

Veggie Boys Ltd (LUC-2012-563 Resource Consent Application)

There are only three submitters opposing the application. Wider than this application is the matter of “how much leeway” Wallis Nurseries have received from Council to extend their commercial retail activities – of which Veggie Boys is a part – in the rural zone, on high class soils. In particular, the development of ‘Wal’s Plant and Fun Land’ by fragmentary consenting processes, with the potential for cumulative adverse effects arising.

In its repeating, whole-page Easter advertising in the Otago Daily Times, Wal’s boasts there is now a commercial florist on site, and a “Great New Professional Driving Range for Golfers” has opened (a rather average flat farm paddock with cheap distance marking signs – something you’d normally want to crop, in a rural zone)…

It’s clear the land use is changing in a way that undermines the district plan Rural Zone provisions, and all without a private plan change application.

Will granting consent to Veggie Boys set a precedent that (widely) undermines zoning in the District Plan?

If consent is granted to Veggie Boys, is this the (surreptitious) track a supermarket chain would go down to open up for business outside Mosgiel’s Local Activity Area (LA1)? In a word…


### ODT Online Tue, 2 Apr 2013
Saddle Hill house sites bid debated
By Debbie Porteous
The Dunedin City Council has been warned that if it grants consent for more residential development on the lower and middle slopes of Saddle Hill, the rest of the hill will soon follow.
But the consulting planner for developers planning two new subdivisions on the hill has told the council’s hearings committee he is not sure people care that much about it.
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Interesting to read Allan Cubitt’s ‘planning’ assault on the Rural Zone, on behalf of developers wanting to subdivide the lower rise of Saddle Hill. To be taken with a pinch of salt, his badass statements include this on the lack of submissions from people living on the Taieri:

”I would suggest that they expect this type of development in this location and are not overly concerned about it, if they ever were … the lower/mid slopes of Saddle Hill do not appear to have a great deal of significance to residents in the area. I suspect the general public realise Dunedin is a hilly place so to restrict elevated building options within the city just because someone may see it, isn’t valid or appropriate.”

There’s a great deal of public sensitivity surrounding the future of Saddle Hill with regards to subdivision and quarrying – it is substantially a district plan zoning and landscape matter.

People leading busy lives – without time, knowledge and resources – should not be buried by DCC’s perpetual paperchase calling for an endless stream of submission-making on resource consents, spatial plan, district plan review, plan changes, whole city and area strategies, or other. On balance, we wouldn’t automatically or superficially conclude similarly to Mr Cubitt.

With Saddle Hill and the Taieri in general, it seems, a plan change process is far preferable to ‘chipping away’ by an ad hoc lingering resource consenting process, to assess the merits of land use (zoning) and to quantify the rural and landscape values for protection(s) against entirely foreseeable, wanton attempts to damage, modify or destroy the existing rural environment (cumulative adverse effects).

City Planning has its work cut out.

Perhaps note the commercial forces lined up in the background to pillage the Taieri Plain, Saddle Hill and Outram areas for Wanaka-like subdivisions (‘dippieville’ strikes again). Probably why you need a Veggie Boys now, to open the gate to was it (open-slather) ‘retail amenity’…

Cr Syd Brown has for years declared his hand in residential subdivision activity, squandering land for housing and own wealth. His developer friends and cousins seem to enjoy (oh so quietly) his ongoing patronage at council – as happens if ‘the movers’ can keep clipping tickets and to hell with high class soils, zoning rules, lack of stormwater drainage from the Mosgiel main street, and lack of appropriate swimming pool amenity, etc.

Cr Brown knows how to back-slap the Mosgiel-Taieri Community Board. We think it’s called control. We suggest Cr Brown has to go in the October elections, especially if through rugby and racing he is a fair-weather friend of Murray Acklin, Queenstown; a gentleman and his files currently under the stare of SFO.

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Inanity of property development and consumer demand at scale – less than subtle reminder to DCC, we HATE sprawl

### boston.com September 30, 2010
The Big Picture: News Stories in Pictures
Human landscapes in SW Florida
By Alan Taylor
Boom and bust residential development has drastically affected parts of southwest Florida for decades now, and I spent some time (with the help of Google Earth), looking around the area. With permission from the fine folks at Google, here are a few glimpses at development in southwest Florida.
Link + Comments (26 photos total)


### distractedscientist.wordpress.com October 16, 2010
By distractedscientist
Why primary school children shouldn’t do town planning.
It seems that fairly large tracts of Florida make for some amazing art, but it’s not town planning. More like doodling with patterns, and being, ‘Oh, that could be be a town layout’.
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Other photos

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