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There’s more, really?

### ODT Online Mon, 18/05/2009 – 6:34pm.
Comment by gplusa on Stadium price blowout
Don’t forget to add the following items to the $217 million: design fees, building consent fees, resource consent fees, the contractor’s profit, contingency sums, overheads and general site costs (such as the new fence currently being erected). Don’t put down the calculator just yet.


### ODT Online Tue, 19/05/2009 – 9:53am.
Comment by MikeStk on and …
and if you read the contract apparently we’re also on the hook for a whole bunch of insurance – sadly someone carefully removed all the numbers from the ‘public’ version of the contract – apparently we’re not trusted to know how much the thing is really going to cost (now that it’s signed there is no ‘commercial sensitivity’)


In reply to Roller

### ODT Online Mon, 18/05/2009 – 12:20pm.
Comment by MikeStk on I agree
I agree – but would like to point out that that $217M figure doesn’t include the cost of purchasing Carisbrook (likely to be $10M or more if it includes the forgiving of the ORFU’s $2M debt to the city). Nor does it include the cost of realigning SH88 and building their flying roundabout – another $10M.


Despite pending court action it is asserted that construction of the stadium is due to start in mid-June…

### stuff.co.nz Last updated 05:00 14/05/2009
2-week delay ‘risk to stadium’
By Mark Hotton – The Press
Delays in building Dunedin’s $198 million stadium could cost $4.5m, the city council says.
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